Bushranger Fortnite: Did Bushranger Die?

Bushranger the adorable NPC is no longer there and in his stead stands a grave with a flower. Know everything about his death and the reasons that might be for the same.

Bushranger Fortnite
Did Bushranger Die in Fortnite?

Bushranger Fortnite: The Fortnite NPC is now going to probably disappear. However, this might not be true. This information leak was from HYPEX. If you visit the grave of Bush ranger in Fortnite you’ll find his grave with a flower over it. So, did Bushranger actually die in Fortnite? We’ll try to tell you what happened to the ingenuous NPC here.

Bushranger Fortnite: An Introduction

Although you might already know that Bushranger is an NPC. There is a long history behind him as well. Bush Ranger is from Chapter 2 Season 1 (07/11/2021). He has 4 different variants to his skin. You can still buy him from the Fortnite Item Shop for 1200 V-bucks.

Even so, it is still unknown as to when he will be back in the game or even in the Fortnite Item Shop. The poor Scrappy Tree made his last appearance on 24/07/2021. Making a total of 24 appearances since his release, you can consider him quite rare.

The NPC was really humble and it almost feels sad seeing him go from the game. However, Fortnite often keeps replacing the NPC with newer ones. Bushranger was actually more friendly and adorable in the entirety of Fortnite.

Did Bushranger Die?: The Death of Bush ranger in Fortnite

Fortnite Bush ranger grave
Bushranger Grave

HYPEX announced the death of the NPC a few hours ago from his tweet. If you listen to the grave music and the photo, it sounds really melodious. You can hear to it yourself from his tweet:

So, now we know for sure that since Bushranger is gone we still don’t know the reason for it. Is this another notorious strategy from Doctor Slone?┬á Fortnite files say that this might be just for a quest. Whatever, it be we can filter out some of the reasons for Bushranger to die in Fortnite are here.

Reasons for the Death of Bushranger:

The Scrappy Little Tree as Fortnite describes him, was really charming and innocent. But unfortunately, Fortnite has removed him now. The reason behind this can be:

  • The Alien Egg he might have been trying to hatch during the week 7 challenges could have been the death of him.
  • Another evil strategy from Doctor Slone or maybe the Batman who Laughs/Lex Luthor who is yet to show up in the Fortnite story mode. We’ve not seen Clark Kent as a skin either.
  • The IO Guards from Fortnite going on a hunt for the missing egg and Bushranger putting a fight against them. Or maybe someone (new) from the Alien Mothership.
  • His life as a tree/bush(or according to Fortnite an ‘NPC’) could have ended.

The order of the reasons we mentioned is according to their likeliness. The most likely ones placing on the top. Although none of this might be true we think these can be the appropriate reasons for his disappearance. Can this also mean that someone from Season 8 like Goku might replace him?

You can stay updated with us for further Fortnite updates, latest news, weekly challenges and leaks on Fortnite.

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