Next Gold Royale In Free Fire: Spa Vacation Bundle

Next Gold Royale In Free Fire:Β Free Fire is one of the most trending mobile battle royale games in the world. Free Fire always distributes rewards, bundles to the users.Β  Garena introduces updates often. So, today we will discuss Next Gold Royale In Free Fire i.e Free Fire New Bundles.

Next Gold Royale -Free Fire New Bundles
Next Gold Royale In Free Fire New Bundles

These rewards include characters, gun skins, and cosmetics, and bundles. The users can also buy several bundles from the in-game store.

What is Next Gold Royale In Free Fire?

Basically, It is one kind of rewards that garena often updates. It can bring in various changes in-game. Garena also introduced a new Gold Royale bundle which is known as the Spa Vacation bundle.

This bundle is one of the most popular and most accessible ones in the Luck Royale event in Free Fire. The players can get their hands on it by only spending a few gold coins.

The New Gold Royale Spa Vacation bundle in Free Fire:

What is Spa Vacation Bundle in Free Fire?

The new Gold Royale bundle was released on April 14th. It consists of the Spa Vacation bundle as the grand prize. Free Fire New Bundles.

The Spa Vacation bundle consists of:

  • No-1: Spa Vacation (Top)
  • No-2: Spa Vacation (Bottom)
  • No-2: Spa Vacation (Head)
  • No-3: Spa Vacation (Mask)
  • No-4: Spa Vacation (Shoes)

How to Obtain the Spa Vacation Gold Royale bundle?

The users can easily get it if they have enough gold coins for a couple of spins. They can avail of the Spa Vacation bundle in Free Fire by following these steps:

Step-1: Firstly, The players must head to the ‘Luck Royale’ section at the left-hand side corner of the screen.

Step-2: Now, They can press on the ‘Gold Royale’ segment and choose the number of spins at the bottom of the screen. However, The first spin is free. Moreover, 11 spins cost 3000 gold coins.

Step 3: After choosing, the players need to confirm the spin, and after they obtain the prize, they can equip it.

So, The Spa Vacation bundle is not as difficult to get as all. Moreover, It needs a couple of gold coin spins. After a few attempts, the players are likely to get it. So, Enjoy Free Fire.

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