How To Activate Tesla In BGMI: All You Need To Know

Activate Tesla In BGMI:
Tesla Factory in Erangle

Activate Tesla In BGMI: Battlegrounds Mobile India recently did a partnership with a popular car brand names Tesla. There is a new event that came along with the new update in which you can make a Tesla. Read this article till the end to know how to create Tesla.

Activate Tesla In BGMI: What Is Mission Ignition Mode?

Activate Tesla In BGMI:
BGMI New Collaboration With Tesla

The new Mission Ignition mode is s brand new mode that came along with the recent update. The mode majorly consists of new features that are added to the game like Metro throughout the map, Patrol Dogs at various places, Sky Launcher, Gravity Vehicle which flies slightly upon the surface, and Tesla Factories.

What Is Tesla Factory?

In Tesla Factory, you can create your Tesla and drive it. The Tesla which can be equipped using Tesla Factory can also run in auto-pilot mode. All you need to do is place a mark on the map and turn on the auto-pilot. The Tesla will take you to your mark. But, it will only go from the road so you will first need to bring Tesla on road to turn on auto-pilot mode.

Steps To Activate Tesla In Tesla Factory BGMI

Step-1: Open your game and select Mission Ignition Mode.

Step-2: Now, search for Tesla Factory on the map. For easy search, you can see the mark list given on the map. Just search for the mark of Tesla Factory

Step-3: Glide to Tesla Factory and enter it.

Step-4: In Tesla Factory, there will be three buttons that you need to turn on to start manufacturing Tesla.

Step-5: The first button will be in the rooms which are on the ground floor. The button will be on the wall.

Step-6: The other button will be on the first floor. On the side where there is Tesla’s main body, on that side, the button will be there on the first floor.

Step-7: The last button will be on the opposite side of the second button. The button will be on the main entrance side on the first floor.

Note: The buttons when not turned on will be shining in golden colour. So it will be easy to identify and turn it on.

Step-8: After turning all buttons on, the Tesla will be started to manufacture and the car will arrive in around five seconds. Along with the car, a loot crate will also which will have rare loot.

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