PMWI 2021: PUBG Mobile World Invitational 2021 East

Check out all the PMWI 2021-PUBG Mobile World Invitational rankings, results, and standings here. Find out more details at the end of the page about all matches.


PMWI East Day-1 2021
PMWI East Day-1 2021

Want to know every single detail about Day 1 of PUBG Mobile World Invitational 2021, East? This article will cover every single detail about the PMWI East, Day-1. It is similar to the PMWL from PUBG Mobile last year, and this year the PMWI 2021 is here.

While the event is totally organized by Tencent Games, PUBG Corporation, and Gamers Without Borders, Sponsored by Gamers Without Borders, Oneplus, and Nimo TV.

PMWI East Day-1 Details:

PMWI-Pubg Mobile World Invitational 2021
PMWI 2021

PUBG Mobile Invitational 2021 is an event that is totally meant for Charity by PUBG Corporation in brand collaboration with Gamers Without borders. However, the tournament will mainly feature 16 Teams from the East region and 16 teams from the West Region.

Also, teams will be featured from countries like SEA, South Asia, Korea, Japan, Russia, and the Middle East. Furthermore, the event will include a massive prize pool of 3,160,000$ and Eastern and Western regions will distribute it. While the English host is Jkaplan, English analysts are Blank and Bleh and English commentators are Imperium Maxman.

The event will include 20 matches over a time period of 4 days. Each day will include a total of 5 matches in the PMWI-Pubg Mobile World Invitational for Day-1 of East 2021.

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Team Playing in PUBG Mobile World Invitational 2021: East

  1. Team Myths
  2. A1 Esports
  3. Bigetron RA
  4. Reject
  5. NASR eSports
  6. Geek Fam
  7. Zeus Gaming
  8. DRS Gaming
  9. i8 Esports
  10. Blacklist International
  11. Natus Vincere
  12. Yalla Esports
  13. DS Gaming
  14. Valdus Esports
  15. Fanatic Zombies
  16. D Xavier

These were all the teams that were participating in the PMWI 2021, East, Day-1.

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5 Matches of PMWI 2021: PUBG Mobile World Invitational, East, Day-1

Match-1 was the first match so all players were worrying but Team BlackList overcomes that and gets #1 position with 9 kill points, Team BTR gets #2 position with 11 Kill points and Team Reject gets #3 with 1 kill point.

However, match-2 was very great for Team DRS as they get their first WWCD and get #1 position with 9 kill points, Team DS get #2 position with 9 Kill points and Team Val get #3 with 4 kill points.

Finally, Team Geek dominates match-3 that gets them the #1 position with 11 kill points, Team Val got #2 position with 8 Kill points and Team DX got #3 with 11 kill points. These were the overall standings of the PMWI – PUBG Mobile World Invitational for Day 1, East,  2021.

Match 4 was well played by Team Val as they got WWCD  and Got #1 position with 14 kill points, Team DX got #2 position with 3 Kill points and Team Zeus got #3 with 3 kill points.

Match 5 was also dominated by Team Val as they got WWCD  and Got #1 position with 11 kill points, Team Blacklist got #2 position with 5 Kill points and Team Yalla got #3 with 3 kill points. Completely different from the PMWL 2021 standings.

SO, these are the points table and standings of Day 1 of PMWI 2021: PUBG Mobile World Invitational East, Day-1. We will keep updating you about further PUBG Mobiel news, make sure to follow us here.

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