Parenting Books Fortnite: Locations An How To Use

Parenting Books Fortnite
Players are required to find these books

Parenting Books Fortnite: One of the most popular battle royale games Fortnite is in its week 7 of season 7 of chapter 2. Moreover, Fortnite has introduced new missions and weekly challenges for the players to complete rank up their battle pass and gain XP. One of the missions is to collect these parenting books from the retail row or holly hatchery and guide the alien eggs in Fortnite.

So, let’s have a look at the books and where players can find these.

Parenting Books Fortnite: Everything You Need To Know

Parenting Books Fortnite
There are a total 7 locations

Fortnite has introduced this new weekly challenge mission in the 7th week of season 7. Furthermore, there are a total of seven locations where players can find these books. All of them are either in the Holly Hatchery or in the Retail Row on the map of Fortnite.

There is another mission in the game where players have to collect alien eggs and complete the mission. Additionally, to parent, those eggs players need to collect these books. However, there are a total of seven locations, but the mission can be completed if players find any four of those.

Books in Holly Hatchery

Fortnite Locations at Holly hatchery retail row
Locations at Holly Hatchery

There are a total of two locations for now in the holly hatchery to get these books in Fortnite. Furthermore, one of the houses on the top left with yellow in color is having a stack of books in the living room.

Players can just walk to it and collect it by pressing the specific key.

The second location is on the top right house which has a garage with a couple of containers in it. The Parenting books of Fortnite can be found lying on the ground.

Books in Retail Row

Retail row holly hatchery location Fortnite
Locations at retail row

However, there are a total of four locations found till now in the retail row to collect the books. Moreover, one house on the left of the basketball court has one of the stacks of books.

The second one can be found when we move towards the lazy lake. The house which is the at one also has those parenting books of Fortnite.

Another one is kept in the house which is in front of the Taco Shop. Players can move into the living area of the room to collect the stack of books.

By collecting at least four of them, players can complete their weekly challenge for the battle pass and will get 45 XP points. Also, they will be able to unlock the skins available in the battle pass.

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