How to Mark an Alien Egg in Holly Hatchery Fortnite?

Fortnite Alien Eggs are found at Holly Hatchery. You can actually find them at multiple locations in Fortnite. Read until the end to find out all of the locations across the map.

how to mark an alien egg holly hatchery
Alien Egg at Holly Hatchery

Mark an Alien Egg in Holly Hatchery: Finally, after so many new things within the last week, Fortnite is coming back with new Week 7 challenges. The all-new Fortnite weekly challenges have some interesting challenges that you can start from. In this brief guide, we’ll cover all the possible locations of the Alien eggs in Fortnite.

Alien Eggs Fortnite: New Update Addition Items

Fortnite must’ve added these new Alien eggs during the very recent downtime from yesterday when servers were offline. Now the Alien Eggs in Fortnite are not just some random eggs. The hens that have alien parasites attached to their heads will lay them.

What’s more? The alien eggs will explode if you go too close to them. Furthermore, you’ll have to just mark any one of these eggs to complete the mission. However, it is easy to find these hens throughout the map. So, where should you look for the alien eggs? To mark an alien egg its answer lies at Holly Hatchery.

Also, it is quite simple to find out since it is the only place so far that aliens have been affected. But wait, is the Holly Hatchery the only place you can find them from? Keep reading to find out more about their locations.

How to Mark an Alien Egg in Holly Hatchery Fortnite?

To mark an alien egg in Fortnite you’ll just have to go to them until they are visible. Then hit your mark button on the keyboard. However, you’ll just need to mark any one of those and don’t get too near to them. We have discussed what can happen when you get close above.

What is the Challenge for?

Apparently, Bushranger wants an alien egg to sit on. Yes, he wants to sit on these eggs to be able to hatch them. He wants a space baby for some reason. And hence we will have to mark an egg for him. Now, as you know how to mark an alien egg at Holly Hatchery you’ll complete the week 7 quest and get 30,000 XP for it.

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All Fortnite Locations for Mark an Alien Egg in Holly Hatchery:

mark an alien egg in holly hatchery all fortnite locations
Alien Eggs-All Fortnite Locations

As you can see above you’ll get the alien eggs at the green circles marked on the map. However, we prefer that you use Holly Hatchery since there is the most number of eggs. You’ll get numerous eggs so even if you explode one you’ll be able to mark another one near it. This is by far the fastest way to get the challenge done.

You can also watch this video to know how to do it:

Completing mark an alien egg (Holly Hatchery) challenge will reward you with 30,000 XP. But this is not all. You can stay updated with us for further information on the upcoming Week 7 quests of Fortnite.

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