Free Fire Persia Top-Up Event: Get Rewards for Free

Garena Free Fire has recently become of the most trending games in the world. Garena often launches redeem codes for the users. However, Free Fire always wants to give extra rewards to the audience through many events. So, Today we will talk about Free Fire Persia Top-Up Event i.e Free Fire Rewards and Skins for Free.

What is Free Fire Persia Top-Up Event?

Recently, Garena announced a brand new event called Ancient Persia Top-Up Event. The players will get rewards in this Top-up event. Garena Free Fire is known for introducing new events in the game. Free Fire offers players amazing gifts and rewards. They always bring very interesting events. The users can get exclusive rewards.

What Will You Get From this Event?

These in-game events basically offer players new weapons skins, character skins, and many more cosmetics. These rewards are such as backpack skins and more things. Garena Free Fire has now announced an exciting in-game event called Persia Top-Up Event. The players are awarded rewards for purchasing diamonds. The players need to use real cash in the game to purchase in-game diamonds.

Basically, Garena is now offering players two new skins for purchasing diamonds in the game. One is pistol skin and another one is a loot box. Additionally, The process of purchasing diamonds by using real money is called top-up.

Free Fire Rewards - Free Fire Persia Top-Up Event
Free Fire Rewards

Basically, The Users spend money to purchase diamonds in Free Fire. They can use these diamonds in the shop to purchase new items, pets, skins, from the in-game shop.

Garena introduces Top-up events so that users buy diamonds to get rewards. Basically, Garena offers some exciting in-game items to buy and spend diamonds on.

Garena Ancient Persia Top-Up Event Rewards:

Free Fire Ancient Persia top-up event is currently live now in the game. The event will end at 11:59 PM IST on 27th July 2021. The Players can also visit the events section in-game to know more. However, Garena is offering two new exciting in-game items in the Ancient Persia top-up event.

  • Wooden Horse Loot Box :

    Basically, This is a loot box. You can get the rewards from here by taking part in Free Fire Mythos top-up event. The Players should have to buy hundred diamonds by using real money to get them in the game.

Persia Prowess G18:

Free Fire Persia Top-Up Event has come up with a brand new Persia Prowess G18 skin. Any user can get this pet Free Fire Skins by using top-up 500 diamonds in-game.

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