BGMI How To Get A Partner: Complete Guide

BGMI how To get a partner:
Profile in BGMI

BGMI how To get a partner: Battlegrounds Mobile India also known as BGMI is an Indian version of the popular game PUBG mobile. This version was launched on 2nd July for android users but iOS is yet to come. The game has become very popular in a short amount of time. It has got over 20 million+ downloads which makes it India’s biggest game. The game is currently available on the play store. You can download it from there.

What Is Partner in BGMI and How To Get One?

BGMI how To get a partner:
Synergy Page in BGMI

Sometimes, when you check someone’s profile, you will see another player standing with him in his profile. This is called partner. The person who stands beside you in your profile is known as a partner. In BGMI, all the synergy is been lost and there are no more partners left. You can read this article further to know how to make a partner.

Steps To Make a Partner IN BGMI
Step-1: Open your game and login into your account.
Step-2: Now, add your friends to your friend list.
Step-3: Make synergy with your friends. To make synergy in BGMI, you can play with them, then give popularity to them and send bp as well.
Step-4: After the completion of 100 synergies, you can send a connection request to the player.
Note- Choose the connection appropriately as I can not be changed until you unfriend them. The selected connection will also be shown in your profile when you are standing with your partner.

make synergy in BGMI
Your Partner will be seen in your profile too

Step-5: After choosing a connection, continue building synergy.
Step-6: At 400 synergy, you will get an option to send your friend a partner request.
Step-7: After accepting it, you both can stand together in each other’s profile.
Step-8: Moreover, at 1000 synergy, you will get a legendary title of your connection with your friend.
Note – Unfriending your friend will make the synergy 0 even if you add them again. So be careful and don’t unfriend them.
In this way, you can stand with a player in your profile known as a partner and get a legendary title.

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