Mars Tycoon Fortnite Code: How To Create A Map?

Here are all the details regarding Mars Tycoon in Fortnite and how players can create the community by using a code.

Mars Tycoon Fortnite Code
Create Your Own Empire Now in Fortnite

Mars Tycoon Fortnite Code: Fortnite regularly comes up with these new codes of Tycoon where players can create a community for their own empire by unlocking new rooms and hiring security boxes. Furthermore, players can now create a new map on Mars by using a which Fortnite revealed earlier.

So, here are all the details regarding the new map base in Fortnite and how players can create one by using a code.

Mars Tycoon Fortnite Code: All You Need To Know

Mars Tycoon Fortnite Code
The game mode is based on planet Mars

Fortnite is a battle royale map that is available on almost every platform but its PC version has a huge fan base. Furthermore, the game launched its new season a few weeks ago which is themed on Aliens. So, here is a new event based on the same theme where players can create their own community or a map on the mars by using a code and can compete with their friends.

The Mars Tycoon in Fortnite is free of cost and any player can create one by using the code given by Epic Games. So, in order to play the new mode, you need to join a map created by any other play or create one and invite others. Let’s have a look at how’s the gameplay and what we have to do in the game.

Fortnite Tycoon Gameplay: How To Win

As the name suggests the mode is based on mars and the players play the game on the planet mars in order to escape from the red planet. Additionally, there is less gravity as compared to earth and players can feel that while jumping. Moreover, when you have created the mars tycoon by using the code in Fortnite, you will be joined in a lobby with few other players.

Players need to collect gold coins and upgrade their base. Furthermore, the base is domed in shape where several robot-like things are there which can be upgraded by the gold coins. Players can also unlock a gun by using the gold coins in one of the bases and can get kills of their opponents. However, there are respawns and when killed you will get another chance.

So, what’s the code for making one of the mars tycoon bases in Fortnite?

Create a Map Fortnite
Mars Tycoon in Fortnite

Code To Create The New Island Map

Players can use the code provided by epic games to create their own community. Furthermore, the creation doesn’t cost anything and it is free of cost.

Mars Tycoon Fortnite Code: 6855-5160-9915

To know more codes similar to this, keep checking the link mentioned below.

Island Code Link

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