How to Get Shorty Shotgun in COD Mobile? Complete Details

The all new Shorty shotgun in COD Mobile had launched recently and players can unlock the Shorty in COD Mobile by the seasonal event.

Shorty Shotgun IN COD Mobile
New Shorty Shotgun IN COD Mobile

A brand new Shorty Shotgun had launched recently in COD Mobile season5 through a seasonal challenge among many other additions to the game. This article will showcase the complete details about the gun and steps to unlock the shorty shotgun in COD Mobile.

Call of Duty Mobile is already one of the most popular games acquired by many players around the globe. Moreover, Call of Duty Mobile keeps adding new seasons to the game at particular periods. Along with the new season, new features, new weapons, new skins, new maps and more additions also keep adding to the game.

As a result, the Season 5 of COD Mobile had launched certainly concluding many new features and additions being made to the game. Consequently, new multiplayer maps naming Docks and Aniyah Incursion MP map had launched.

Moreover, brand new Cranked mode and Grounds Mission mode had launched with the new season. Also, various new events and features are also added in season 5 of COD Mobile. Apart from these additions, a brand new Shorty Shotgun had also launched with the new season in COD Mobile.

Here are the Details about Shorty in COD Mobile:

The all-new Shorty weapons in COD Mobile is a shotgun category gun and players can unlock through seasonal event. Players can use it as a secondary weapon during the combats among the pistols.

Meanwhile, players can unlock it for free by accomplishing all the challenges of the Sawed Off Shenanigans Seasonal event.The challenges of the seasonal event are listed below.

Unlock Shorty in COD Mobile
How to Unlock Shorty in COD Mobile
  • Play matches in any mode and get 200 credits and 1000 Battle Pass XP as a reward.
  • Kill 10 enemies with any shotgun and avail 2000 Battle Pass XP and a Helm Backpack 1 as a reward.
  • Loot 5 Shotguns in BR matches and grab 25 Weapon XP Card and 2000 Battle Pass XP as a reward.
  • Kill 15 Enemies with any shotgun equipped with the Amped Perk and get 3000 Battle Pass XP and Echo Helm as a reward. Meanwhile, the Amped perk is available in the credits store and players can equip it from there.
  • Kill 20 enemies with any shotgun equipped with any charm and avail 3000 Battle Pass XP and Puffer Punk as a reward.
  • Finally, Kill 15 enemies with any BY15 equipped with any 5 attachments and unlock the charming Shorty and 4000 Battle Pass XP as a reward.
  • Further, win 5 MP matches with any Shorty equipped and get a Rhinestone Frame and 4000 Battle Pass XP as a reward. Meanwhile, while accomplishing this mission, players must equip shorty at the end of the match.

By accomplishing all of these Sawed Off Shenanigans Seasonal event missions, players can unlock the Shorty in COD Mobile.

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