How To Unfriend in BGMI? Complete Guide

Know how to unfriend in BGMI here. All the steps you need to follow are compiled in this brief guide to help you out easily to remove your friends in BGMI.


Sometimes, you may have lots of random friends on your friend list. Then, you want to add someone else but your friend list is full. Here’s a complete guide on how to unfriend in BGMI and remove friends you don’t need to play with anymore.

Why Do Players Need To Unfriend Someone?

There are many reasons to unfriend someone in BGMI. Sometimes, you may have added a lot of random friends from the match and then you don’t have space to add friends that you want to play with.

As you know, there is a limit to making the friends so sometimes you need to unfriend. Moreover, sometimes some players are not good at games or are very toxic, then you might want to unfriend them.

TThe BGMI 1.5 Update for 32 and 64bit is here and its download links are available on the link here.

How to Unfriend in BGMI?

How to unfriend/remove friends in bgmi
How to Unfriend in BGMI?

Step-1: Open your Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) and log in to the game

Step-2: Then, on the left side of the home page, you will see your Friend List.

Step-3: On the top of your Friend List, you will see three lines

Step-4: In that, you will see 2 options.

Step-5: From that, pick the option Batch Manage.

Step-6: After selecting Batch Manage, select the friends you want to remove.

Step-7: Now on the bottom, you will see a Delete button.

Step-8: Click on Delete and those selected Friends will be removed.

This is how to unfriend/remove the unnecessary friends in BGMI.

Here, is a video to help you on how to unfriend anyone in BGMI:


What is the full form of BGMI?

The full form of BGMI is Battlegrounds Mobile India.

What is Battlegrounds Mobile India Launch Date?

The launch date of Battlegrounds Mobile India is 2nd July 2021. The game can be a bit tough to handle sometimes, and that is exactly why we provide you with this guide on how to unfriend in BGMI.

How Many Ram Does BGMI Ram Require?

BGMI requires a minimum ram of 2GB.

Has BGMI age limit of 18 Years?

There is no such age limit of 18 years. Parents of players under 18 have to sign a consent letter to let them play. Moreover, players below 18 can play only for 2 hours a day.

How many maps for classic mode are there in BGMI?

There is a total of five maps in classic mode. They are Erangel, Livik, Miramar, Sanhok and Karakin.

Is BGMI available in iOS?

BGMI is currently unavailable for iOS users. But, Krafton is working on it and will launch soon for iOS too.

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