Refund Valorant Skins: How To Claim A Refund in Valorant?

Bough a skin by mistake in the game and looking for a refund? Here is a detailed article about how to claim a refund in Valorant.

Refund Valorant Skins
How to Get a Refund in VALORANT?

Refund Valorant Skins: Riot released their tactical shootout game 5 vs 5 games back in 2020. Moreover, the completed one year recently and has gained a lot of popularity. Apart from the game mechanics, players love the skins provided by the game. However, players can also ask for a refund in Valorant for their skins.

So, here is a detailed article about how you can claim a refund in Valorant and what are the conditions?

Refund Valorant Skins: Conditions To Claim A Refund

Refund Valorant Skins
Reaver Skins in Valorant

Valorant has released some cool skins in the game. Furthermore, skins like elder flame, a reaver, and prime vandals are loved by every player. Also, there are few skins that players don’t like in the game and don’t want to buy. So, if you have bought any skins which you never wanted to own or by mistake, then you can claim a refund.

There are certain conditions to get a refund for skins in Valorant. Also, players need to spend some Valorant points also known as VP to own any skin. Moreover, many skins are upgradable and in order to upgrade them, players have to spend radianite points. Radianite points are a type of points that players get for free when they buy VP or they can buy a few by spending Valorant points.

So, here are some details and points on which you cannot ask for a refund in Valorant:

  • Players can not claim a refund if they spent the Valorant points(VP) on a contract of any agent.
  • If you have spent your Valorant points on purchasing the battle pass or purchased rank in the battle pass, the VP will not be refunded.
  • Players cannot claim a refund if they have spent their VP on buying bundles or buying Radianite points.
  • If you used VP to upgrade your gun skin then you cannot ask for a refund in Valorant.

So, if you have already spent your Valorant points to unlock any agent or to unlock the levels of those agents those points won’t be refunded. However, players can only ask for a refund on skins in Valorant. Although, battle passes are not much costly, if you want your refund back for a battle pass, it’s not possible.

So, Valorant clearly states that only Valorant points spent on skins will be refunded. However, there are also conditions on that and only a selected number of skins are refundable. So, there are also some skins in the store which don’t have a refund policy. If you’re buying any skin in the game which you’re not sure to buy, make sure that they come under the refund policy.

Conditions To Refund Valorant Points

Prime Skins
Agent Viper and Phoneix in Valorant

There are also some conditions to claim a refund for Valorant points. However, players cannot get money buy back in their account and only the Valorant points will be refunded in the game. So, if you’re going to ask for a refund in the game, then you should fulfill the conditions mentioned below:

  • Players need to ask for a refund within 14 days of purchase
  • The item should be unused.
  • The item should be on the refundable list

Moreover, make sure you have not used the skin which you’re going to ask for a refund. Also, the refund will be only valid after the 14 days of buy. So, claim for the refund as soon as possible, if you’re not happy with your skins in Valorant.

Also, players will only receiver the Valorant points which they spent on the skin. So, if you’re thinking of getting your money back which you spent to buy the Valorant points then it’s not coming back. Valorant will only refund the Valorant points and not the money you spent.

Process To Claim A Refund In Valorant For Skins

Refund Valorant Skins
List of Skins and Categories in Valorant
  • Visit the official website of Valorant and log in with your credentials.
  • Go to My order where you will find the list of items you have purchased
  • Click on the refund button if it is showing

The Claim button will only show if you fulfill all the conditions and the item is refundable. So, if you’re going to ask for a refund, then make sure you fulfill all the conditions mentioned above.

Valorant has released new skins recently in the game named ruination. However, most of the fans are not happy with the skin as they found it is pay to lose. Furthermore, the skins make some annoying sounds after firing which is for the animation. So, players can ask for a refund for the skins by Valorant officials by visiting the site.

So, most of the players didn’t like it, and they are asking for a refund. The skin came with a collaboration with Riot’s League of Legends collaboration. Moreover, there are also few skins coming in the game based on the same theme named Sentinels of Lights.

Categories And Bundle Skins

There are different categories of skins in Valorant. However, Valorant releases most of the skins in bundles. Moreover, players cannot ask for a refund in Valorant if they have bought a bundle of skins in the game. Here is a list of a few skins and categories in the game:

  • Select Edition (SE): Galleria, Infantry
  • Deluxe Edition (DE): Aristocrat, Horizon, Minima , Prism, Avalanche
  • Premium Edition (PE): Singularity, Celestial, Tethered Realms, Sovereign
  • Ultra Edition (UE): Elder Flame
  • Exclusive Edition (XE): BlastX, Glitchpop, Ruination

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