BGMI 1.5 Patch Notes: New Gun, M249 New Location

Here are the complete details of all the upcoming changes in Battlegrounds Mobile India. The update is expected to release on 13th July.

BGMI 1.5 Patch Notes
Battlegrounds Mobile India new Update

BGMI 1.5 Patch Notes: Battlegrounds Mobile India which is also known as BGMI is all set to release its first-ever update after the official launch. Moreover, the game is coming up with some new meds and insane changes in the game. One of the most interesting things for the players is that the M249 gun is removed from the airdrop and is replaced by another gun in BGMI.

So, here are all the new addition and changes you need to know about the BGMI update.

BGMI 1.5 Patch Notes: Gun Location, New Game Mode, and Everything You Need To Know

Battlegrounds Mobile India 1.5 Patch Notes
Release Date and Time of Update

M249 Changes in BGMI

The light machine gun M249 is now removed from the airdrop and is replaced by M63 in BGMI. Furthermore, the M63 gun is also an LMG gun. M249 can be found on the grounds of maps and will be available like any other gun in the game.

M63 is a 7.62mm gun that offers a different range of firing speed.

Ranking Changes in BGMI

BGMI has introduced the new ranking system in patch notes 1.5. Furthermore, the ACE tier will have three levels named Ace dominator, Ace master, and Ace. Also, players can gain Challange points in the game which is similar to fair play points.

Moreover, with challenge points, players can reduce the chances of getting negative numbers on their current rank. Basically, the challenge points act like tier protection for the players.

Addition of Glass windows

BGMI 1.5 patch notes suggest that there will be the addition of glasses in several buildings of Erangle and Miramar. Moreover, it will make the game feel more real and will also change it a little the game mechanics.

So, when players will enter or exit through the glassed window, there will be the noise of breaking it, which will be a warning for the enemies.

Sensitivity And Gun Customization

Sensitivity in BGMI

BGMI players can now set different sensitivity for different guns. Earlier, it was a difficult situation to use Sniper rifles and Marksman rifles with the same sensitivity. So, it is a good sign for the players who use different guns in different situations.

According to patch notes, 1.5 of BGMI players can also set preferred attachments for specific guns in the loadout. Moreover, the auto pick-up facility will replace the preferred attachment and that will avoid players to pick them separately.

Royal Pass Changes

The Royal pass will be now valid for one month instead of two. Moreover, there will be two levels in and two royal passes in one season of BGMI.

So, the new patch notes 1.5 of BGMI suggest that the tags of the players will be now M1, M2 of S20 instead of just S20.

New Game Mode

patch notes 1.5 of BGMI
Ignition Mode in BGMI

The game has also revealed a new game mode named Ignition Mode that is based on the future. There are rockets, flying vehicles, and many more robotic instruments.

Players will find different research centers in the different parts of the map on Erangle.

  • Pochinki – Transit Center
  • Georgopol – Port of Georgopol
  • School – Tech Center
  • Military Base – Security Center
  • Yasnaya Polyana – Logistics Agency
  • Mylta Power – Energy Center

Release Date and Time

Season 19 is ending on 12h July. So, players can expect the update to be rolled out on 13th July and the new season will begin from 14th July.

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