What Can You Do With Copper in Minecraft?

In this article, you will get to know about what can you do with Copper in Minecraft?

What Can You Do With Copper in Minecraft?
What Can You Do With Copper in Minecraft?

In Minecraft 1.17 version, Minecraft Copper has arrived as a new block and ore that you can collect and craft. In the crafting form, to create new Minecraft 1.17 items. Such as the Spyglass or the Lightning Rod, Copper Ingots are used. Even though Copper is relatively easy to mine, there are some things you ought to know about it, like its oxidation process and its ideal mining level.

Where to find Copper?

Where to find copper in Minecraft?
Where to find copper in Minecraft?

Additionally, just like all of Minecraft’s metals, copper can be easily mined underground. It comes in two variants:

  • The regular version found in stone
  • The rarer version found in deepslate, is much harder to find as it is deep in underground

Moreover, Copper blocks can be recognized easily as they have a distinct orange and turquoise look. You’ll have to get a stone pickaxe to mine it. After you’ve collected copper ore, you’ll have to get a Minecraft blast furnace to smelt it down into ingots for crafting.

Things that you can do with Copper?

You can use copper to make an industrial-style material for creative new Minecraft builds like factories or for getting an oxidized copper look over time.

Furthermore, you can also use Copper to craft lightning rods. These semi-defensive objects can be easily placed on top of buildings or high areas. They will attract lightning to hit them.

  • Copper Block: Use nine Copper Ingots in a 3×3 grid;
  • Spyglass: Use one Copper Ingot above another, with an Amethyst Shard on top;
  • Lightning Rod: Use three Copper Ingots in a vertical line.

How to wax Copper in Minecraft?

Waxing Copper in Minecraft
Waxing Copper in Minecraft

As a matter of fact, just like in reality, Minecraft copper changes its color due to oxidation. If you don’t want your copper to oxidize, you can wax it (this will preserve the change color, not reset it). Just get a honeycomb and use it on the copper block.

Nevertheless, you can use also an axe on a Copper block to scrape it. This will also reset the oxidation level by one. Finally, while you can’t really do this on purpose, but a lightning strike will fully remove the oxidation.

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