Team Soul Lineup by S8UL Esports: All to Know

The new lineup for the Team Soul powered by S8UL Esports is here. Find out more on the members of the team and Team Soul itself.

Team Soul new Lineup By S8UL Esports
Team Soul

Team Soul recently announced their BGMI Lineup. This article will give detailed information about Team Soul Lineup Presented by S8UL Esports.

Team Soul is one of the most successful and fan-favorite teams. S8UL Esports recently announced their BGMI lineup which was much awaited by all Soul fans. Before the PUBG ban, Team SouL had their lineup which included Mortal, Regaltos, Viper, Blaizee, Sangwan, and Aman. Later this lineup was disbanded due to a game ban.

How was S8UL formed?

Mortal, who started playing classics with his mates and named his Ingame clan Souldiers. After some time, Mortal entered the competitive gameplay under the name of Team SouL and won PUBG Mobile India Series 2019.

Later after PMIS 2019, a gaming brand 8bit Collaborated with SouL and hence was named S8UL Esports. While the founder of SouL is Mortal, and S8UL is owned by 8Bit Thug and 8bit Goldy.

Today the BGMI Launch Party Day-1 took place. Know more on the overall standings and results here.

Team Soul Lineup Presented by S8UL Esports: Roster

1) Mortal

Soul Mortal in S8UL Esports
Soul Mortal

Mortal, also known as Naman Mathur is the leader of Team Soul. Mortal started playing on IPad and then played Classics with his squad for Fun. Mortal’s journey in competitive gameplay was full of Ups and downs.

Mortal faced extreme hatred at his worst and the best support at his success. While Mortal is a 4finger and Full gyro player and is famously known for his calm and composure gameplay. Also, he is a sniper for his team.

2) Scout

team Soul Scout new lineup
Soul Scout

Also known as Tanmay Singh is a brand name itself. Scout started playing competitive with Team IND and then shifted to Team Fnatic.

Scout plays in many official tournaments and was also a runner-up of PUBG Mobile World League. While Scout is an assaulter and flanker for his team. We are hoping him to perform similarly in the Team Soul lineup by S8UL Esports.

3) Mavi

Soul Mavi from S8UL Esports
Soul Mavi

Mavi, also known as Harmandeep Singh is one of the most experienced players in the whole Indian gaming community. While people also call Mavi the Man with Golden hand. We know Mavi for his top-notch igling and his golden hand. While Mavi is IGL for his team.

4) Regaltos

Team Soul Regaltos in new Lineup
Soul Regaltos

Regaltos, also known as Parv Singh is one of the youngest players in the whole Indian gaming community who is achieving milestones at a very young age. People have also seen Regaltos especially for his M416 laser sprays and car tracing.

We know Regaltos, especially for his top-notch assault. While Regaltos is 2nd assaulter for his team. He will also be in the Team Soul lineup.

5) Viper

Soul Viper
Soul Viper

Viper, also known as Yash Soni is one of the oldest players in the whole Indian gaming community. People know Viper for his calm gameplay and insane car driving.

Viper is especially known for his best support. While Viper is a supporter of his team. You can also check his Controls and Sensitivity Settings here.

You can also watch the Team Soul New Lineup on Youtube here:

This team is going to completely dominate the upcoming Esports events. And we will keep track of all the annihilation that has to come with it. We will keep you updated with further news on Team Soul powered by Team S8UL Esports.

Also, check out the official Esports of BGMI here.

Gunj Malvaniya
Gunj is a competitive player in India. He dreams to represent India in esports at the international level.
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