Valorant Level Glitch: Players Stuck At Level 7 Bug To Be Fixed in 3.01 Update

Here is a detailed article about the changes in the account points system and fixing of the level glitch in Valorant.

Valorant Level Glitch
Agent Viper and Phoneix in Valorant

Valorant Level Glitch: Riot’s Valorant added a new feature of level which shows how much time a player has spent on the game. Moreover, many players reported a bug and felt they are stuck at level 7 despite playing Valorant for a long time. So, it is expected that players will get the bug fixed in the update of 3.01 of Valorant.

So, let’s take a brief look at what is account level thing in Valorant and how to increase it.

Valorant Level Glitch: How to Fix the Account Points Bug?

Valorant Level Glitch 3.01 update
New Rank system in Valorant

In the update of 3.0 which was launched recently, Valorant added a lot of things into the game. One of them was Account points which was a numerical number for players. Furthermore, above the player’s card, there is a number that shows the level of account players have. It increases when players spend time in the game. 

Recently, many of the Valorant players reported about the level glitch. Moreover, the issue stated that player’s account points are stuck at level 7 in the Valorant despite playing the game for a long time. It requires 5000 account XP to get one point of account level in the game.

There are up to 499 levels in Valorant and after every 40 levels, players will get a new frame. Moreover, most of the player’s account levels were set to 7 when it came. But, few accounts of Valorant faced this level glitch and now the level is not increasing.

In the recent update of 3.01, Valorant confirmed that they have fixed the issue of account leveling. Moreover, the players who were stuck at level 7, will now get a new account level according to their time spent on the game. Also, Valorant made sure that this type of level glitch will not occur further in the game.

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The game has also made some key changes in the agent’s ability in the update of 3.01.

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