Ruination Valorant: All You Need To Know About These New Skins

Ruination Valorant
League of Legends Collab with Valorant

Ruination Valorant: Valorant has released its new update of 3.01 yesterday. Moreover, along with fixing the bugs and making some changes, they introduced a new skin in the game named Ruination. As leaks suggested, the skins are green in color and are inspired by League of Legends.

So, here is all you need to know about the new skin Runination and how to buy it.

Ruination Valorant: Price, Gun Skins, And How To Buy?

update  3.01 Valorant
Kayo with the new skin

Valorant introduced new skins in the game and it seems like a collaboration with League of Legends. Furthermore, the skin looks similar to the legend Viego who was launched earlier in the game. The skin is a premium skin and it can be upgraded by spending some Radiante points on Valorant.

Ruination Valorant skin is similar to the Forsaken skin which was released earlier in the game. Moreover, there are few changes and the default color is green. The skin came into the game after the 3.01 update was released.

The skin includes gun skins of Phantom, Spectre, Guardian, and Phantom. Moreover, if the players buy the whole bundle, they will get the knife skin for free. The players can buy the skins for any specific gun or in the bundle. In order to buy the skins, players need to spend Valorant Points which is the in-game currency of Valorant. Phantom skin can be bought by spending 1700 Valorant Points

As expected the skin is inspired by legend Viego of League of Legends and it is a collaboration of Valorant. Earlier, during the launch, Riot announced that this new game has its own universe and will not be related to League of Legends. But now, they came up with collaboration and introduced the skins inspired by League of Legends.

Steps to Buy Ruination Valorant Skins

Ruination Valorant
New Skins

Step-1: Add Valorant Points To Your Account

Step-2: Go to Store on the right side of the home page of the game.

Step-3: Tap on the Runination Skin banner

Step-4: Click on the skins you need to buy.

Buy V Points

The skin looks cool and it has its own crosshair and kills animation. Furthermore, the players loved the skin when the leaks came, and it’s time to use them in the game.

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