How To Get Silver Fragments in BGMI

BGMI silver fragments
Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India, also known as BGMI, is the Indian version of the infamous BGMI battle royale title. Almost a year ago, the game was banned due to privacy issues as players’ data was sent to Tencent.

Following the rerelease of PUBG Mobile in India, Krafton broke terms with Tencent to develop Battlegrounds Mobile India. While the game is inarguably the replica of BGMI, only a few players might have noticed that many items are missing in the store. As a result, currencies like silver fragments are now no longer available for purchase in BGMI.

How to Get Silver Fragments in BGMI?

Yet, there are many ways through which users can get silver fragments. However, it has now become quite expensive than usual to obtain silver fragments in BGMI. Here are the ways for the same:

Unbox Soldier Crates

The soldier box is one of the crates available in BGMI, which can only be opened by spending BP. Moreover, the price keeps increasing after each crate. It can go up to 7,000 BP per crate. However, the cost can’t go beyond 7,000 BP.

  1. Click on the Crate menu on the home page.
  2. Select Soldier crates from the list.
  3. Open soldier crates as much as you can.
  4. Go back to the home page and click on inventory.
  5. Click on the arrow pointing upwards.
  6. Hit the Dismantle option.
  7. Finally, you will get a ton of silver fragments.

Purchase Royal Pass

Completing the Royale Pass missions will allow you to get free Silver Fragments on certain ranks. BGMI Seasons usually last for around eight weeks and players have enough time to collect all the rewards.

Play with your old friends in BGMI

Play a classic match with your old friend and get 1 point. You can redeem it to get a maximum of 15 silver fragments. Each silver fragment costs 1 point. Playing one classic match with your old friend gives you 2 points.

Open your friend list and on top of it, you will see an icon of 2 people standing beside each other. Click on that and you can redeem it there.


BGMI players are no strangers to regular events. You can earn silver fragments from there as well. The event features several easy tasks. However, the reward may vary from event to event.

The silver fragments are used to redeem gun skins, outfits, parachutes, avatars, classic coupon scrap and premium coupon scrap. Earlier, players were able to buy 25 silver fragments by spending only 5,000 bp. But, there is no option left to do it.

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