Fortnite Abductors Gone: Will The Abductors Return?

Fortnite Alien Abductors will they return or not? The recent changes in the Fortnite update. Know all about Holly Hedges and Alien Nanites here.

Fortnite Abductors Gone
Fortnite Alien Abductors

Fortnite Abductors Gone: With the recent Fortnite Service update, there are many tweaks and changes. Some of the major changes include the Fortnite Abductors who are removed, Alien Nanites, and Holly Hedges changes in Fortnite. Know more about all the service updates from us here.

Are Fortnite Abductors Really Gone?

Yes, unfortunately, Fortnite has removed the Abductors from a very recent service update. This can be a temporary change and they can make a return. According to Fortnite Status, this is a temporary change and they will be back later in the season. You can also see it in this tweet:

Fortnite Alien Nanites will also be available in the Mothership. However, to go there you will need the abductors to return. More on this later here.

When will the Fortnite Alien Abductors be back?

There is no clear confirmation from Fortnite on this. Although, they will be making a return in this season itself. Previously the Alien abductors used to take players randomly from the map. And then transfer them to another location. Check out more on the Lebron James Skin that was recently leaked.

But another update after that when the Mothership was added, players got inside the ship. As to the question the Fortnite Alien Abductors will not be gone permanently. You will see them again this season.

What are the Alien Nanites in Fortnite?

Alien Nanites Fortnite
Alien Nanites Fortnite

Alien Nanites are a new addition to the game. They seem to be a replacement for the mechanical parts that you got from cars. But, they are also usable as individual items. We have also covered a detailed explanation for them.

Basically, you can use the Alien Nanites to create a No-Gravity Force Field. Inside of this field, you will receive no fall damage. And you can fly around. But, this is not all. You can also use the Nanites to mod your weapons. Fortnite Abductors will not be gone for very long.

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What are the Other New Additions to the Game?

Some of the other additions to the game include some map changes. Fortnite changed Holly Hedges to Holly Hatchery. Besides you can now find a No-Gravity zone in Holly Hatchery. You can take no fall damage here.

There is also a new boss by the name of Zyg. After you defeat him you will get their legendary Zyg and Choppy’s ray-gun. And the Aliens have taken over Holly Hedges. This is all we know on Fortnite Abductors that are gone.

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