Soul Viper Sensitivity and Controls BGMI: Know it All

A Wiki about Soul Viper. His current Sensitivity and Controls settings for BGMI. Find out his real name, age and PUBG ID here.

Soul Viper BGMI Sensitivity
Soul Viper BGMI

Viper has got next-level fame and name in Indian Gaming Community. Viper is a professional also a casual gamer and content creator. Here, we will discuss Soul Viper, his Sensitivity and Controls, real name and PUBG ID.

His real name is Yash Parmesh Soni. Also, he is from Mumba, while he is Gujarati. His age is 22 years. He is well known for his calm gameplay and one of the best competitive sniping. Before the ban of Pubg Mobile, Viper had some of the best achievements in his pocket. Soul Viper previous PUBG ID has been 587552420.

An Intro to Soul Viper

Soul Viper Pubg ID
Soul Viper

With the comeback of Pubg Mobile which is renamed is Battlegrounds Mobile India ( BGMI ) fans are expecting much from Viper to perform in the upcoming tournament as well. Viper has represented India in many tournaments making him India’s one of the most favorite Esports Athlete. Viper is managed by 8bit Thug. He is also a part of 8bit Creatives. Fans also are curious about Soul Viper PUBG ID.

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Soul Viper BGMI Sensitivity

Camera sensitivity settings:

3rd person camera: 300%

Camera: 300%

1st person camera: 300%

3rd person no scope: 172%

1st person no scope: 119%

Red Dot, Holographic, Aim assist: 73%

2x scope: 56%

3x scope: 34%

4x scope: 21%

6x scope: 14%

8x scope: 15%

These are Soul Viper Camera Sensitivity.

ADS Settings

3rd person no scope: 120%

1st person no scope: 104%

Red Dot, Holographic, Aim assist: 60%

2x scope: 49%

3x scope: 27%

4x scope: 17%

6x scope: 14%

8x scope: 12%

These are the ADS Soul Viper uses for the best sensitivity.

Gyroscope Settings

3rd person no scope: 230%

1st person no scope: 230%

Red Dot, Holographic, Aim assist: 300%

2x scope: 220%

3x scope: 181%

4x scope: 150%

6x scope: 100%

8x scope: 95%

Viper BGMI Controls

Soul Viper Controls
Soul Viper Controls

However, Viper is currently using 2 thumbs. But, his Thumb layout helps him to win the fights very decently. He has the gyroscope on always on. This is all about Soul Viper, his sensitivity, and Controls in BGMI.

Viper Earning and Current Status

The popular streamer Viper plays Valorant, Call Of Duty, BGMI, and many more games on stream. Although, he has 1.08 Million subscribers on YouTube.

Also, he has around 655k followers on Instagram and 50k followers on Loco. Soul Viper real name has been mentioned at the beginning for a quick glance. Moreover, he also has the title of “Champions of PMIS” and played many official tournaments.

You can also visit his channel here: Soul Viper Youtube

Gunj Malvaniya
Gunj is a competitive player in India. He dreams to represent India in esports at the international level.
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