Apex Legends Alexander Nox: The Brightest Scientist?

Wondering who is Alexander Nox in apex legends? Here is a detail about the legend who is also known as Caustic.

Apex Legends Alexander Nox:
Caustic Legend

Apex Legends Alexander Nox: Players who play apex legends know who Alexander Nox is in the game. He is a legend who is famously known as Caustic in the game. Moreover, players require several Apex coins or Legend tokens to unlock the legend.

Caustic is a defensive player who slows down the enemy’s attack and controls the game from behind. Alike other legends, he also has several abilities to use in the game. So, let’s have a look at one of the legends of the game named Alexander.

Everything You Need To Know About Alexander Nox in Apex Legends

Who is Apex Legends Alexander Nox:
Nox has abilities to gas.

Alexander Nox is famously known as Caustic in the game of Apex. He was born in 2685, and his full name is Alexander Maxwell Nox. Nox is considered one of the brightest scientists and worked day and night developing new gases in the past.

He is a 48 years old male legend who plays defensively for his team. Moreover, he has few abilities like Nox gas trap, Nox vision, and gas grenade. All these abilities are used to destroy the enemy attack and hold a good position for the team.

Alexander Nox, who is also known as Caustic, has a total of 66 skins in Apex Legends. Out of the 19 are legendary skins, 8 are Epic, 23 rare, and 16 common skins. Players can unlock the legend by using 12,000 legend tokens or 750 Apex coins. Also, there is one option to unlock, which is buying the Champion Edition.

Nox’s abilities in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Alexander Nox:
Nox Gas Grenades Are Too Good in the game
  1. Nox Gas Trap: Players can hold up to three charges of the gas trap ability and gain one charge every 25 seconds. And, when an enemy gets close, it releases a cloud of gas to give 5 health damage per second. Moreover, it can be destroyed midair.
  2. Nox Vision: Players can get a threat vision when enemies walk through the gas of Alexander Nox in Apex Legends.
  3. Nox Gas Grenade: The grenade deals damage of 5 per second.
  4. Fortified: The incoming damage from enemies is reduced by 15% when used this ability. Also, it has the immunity to slow effects from weapon fire.

So, if you were wondering who Alexander Nox is in Apex Legends, here it was all the details above about the legend of the game.

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