Destroy Hiding Places Fortnite: How to Do it?

Read till the end to find out how to finish the Destroy Hiding places in Fortnite challenge quicker and easier.

How to destroy Hiding Places Fortnite

Destroy Hiding Places Fortnite: With the very new Season 7, Fortnite brings some really cool challenges. Also, including Creative Maps in their challenges to make it more interesting. The Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 Week 4 Epic Challenges are here. We will discuss one of these challenges here on how the Destroy Hiding Places in Fortnite and where to find them.

What actually are these Hiding Places in Fortnite?

Destroy Hiding Places Fortnite

Before we move on to each of the Hiding Places in Fortnite, let us know which are the Hidden Locations in Fortnite. However, amongst the places that you can hide in Fortnite, these include the Porta Potty flusher, Hay Stack, and the Dumpster. Now that we know what to look for let’s see how to destroy them.

This is an Epic challenge from Fortnite Season 7 Week 4. After you complete the challenge you’ll be awarded with 30,000 XP which you can use to level up in your Battle Pass. You’ll need to destroy 3 of them to get your reward.

How to Destroy Hiding Places in Fortnite?

This is basically very easy to answer. You’ll just have to go to the Porta Potty Flusher, Hay Stack or the Dumpster and use your pick-ax on them. The tricky part is finding them. You don’t need to worry about that either as we will guide you through that as well. As to where to find these Hiding Places in Fortnite let’s see about them as well.

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Where to find the Hiding Locations in Fortnite?

These locations are scattered throughout the map and can be easily found in-game. One of the best places you can complete this quest quickly is the Believer’s Beach, Pleasant Park, and Catty Corner. Watch the video at the end to know about the locations at Believer’s Beach. The other locations, they’re not very hard to find throughout the map.

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To take a quick overview at all the hiding places locations here is some help. You can also check out this Content from FNAssist to know the locations of all the Fortnite Week 4 Challenges:

You can also watch this video to see where to find the Locations exactly and help you out more:

With this we hope that you are able to finish the quest of destroy hiding places in Fortnite quicker. Get that XP and level up your Battle Pass as fast as you can. Unlock the Skins with more Battle Stars!

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