Team IND Got Invitation In BGMI Content Creators Showmatch

In a recent update, it is confirmed that Team IND is invited for the BGMI content creators show match.

BGMI Content Creators Showmatch
BGMI Invitational Tournament

BGMI Content Creators Showmatch: Yesterday, it was announced that Insidious which is also known as IND has not received an invitation for the Content Creators Showmatch which came out to be a controversial topic. Today, it came out that popular streamer Snax got an invite to the Content Creators Showmatch. Read this article till the end to know more details.

What is Content Creators Showmatch BGMI?

BGMI Content Creators Showmatch Team IND invitation
Team IND

Content Creators Showmatch is the first BGMI event to hold. This event is to promote the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India which is expected to launch this month. The dates of the event are the 16th and 17th of August. Although it is not officially announced that this event is going to hold, the leaks suggest that this is pretty much confirmed.

Furthermore, many popular content creators like Mortal, Dynamo, Kronten, Owais, Ghatak, Clash Universe, Thug, Maxtern, Guru, Godnixon, Gareebo, Ankita, Tanmay Bhatt, Nova King, Mamba, Shreeman Legend, and Scout. Between matches, creators will come and interact with their fans.

Moreover, it has a whopping Prize Pool of ₹2,00,000. Also, the winner will get a prize money of ₹1,00,000. The first runner up will get ₹60,000 and the second runner up will receive ₹30,000. The top fragger will get ₹10,000.

Team IND Got Invitation to Content Creators Showmatch BGMI

Yesterday, none of the creators from team Insidious ( IND ) got an invitation to the first-ever event going to happen in BGMI. The team looked quite disappointed after yesterday’s incident. Even though IND is one of the oldest squads in the Indian Gaming Community, they didn’t get the slot. It was quite shocking. 

The Owner and Coach of IND reached out on their Instagram accounts and told that the game is not launched yet and the politics is started. Amidst this, the squad members were disappointed with this behavior.

Today, the popular streamer Snax received an invitation in Content Creators Showmatch. Popular streamer and gamer IND Kratos mentioned in his Instagram story that there was a few misunderstanding which led to this. Moreover, he thanked the audience for showing up for them. “We are glad that management reached to us to sort things out mutually” he added. Furthermore, he addressed the audience for not giving hate to management or the event.

The things are sorted now and we are going to see one of the oldest teams Insidious (IND) back in action in Content Creators Showmatch and hope we see the same intense matches in the future by our Indian teams.

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