Team IND Not Invited for Streamers Battle Showdown, Fans Question the Organizers

Team IND
Streamers Showdown Battle

Streamers Battle Showdown: Team IND is one of the oldest PUBG Mobile organizations in India. Furthermore, the team is known for its consistent performance in the PUBG Mobile tournament. Currently, IND has expanded its org and hired lineups in games like COD Mobile.

Recently, the manager of Team PUBG Mobile lineup Krantiveer shared a story on his Instagram story. The story said that he is unhappy with the politics involved in the game. So, what’s the full story?

Team IND Not Invited for Streamers Battle Showdown

Team IND
PUBG Mobile lineup of Team IND

Team IND has represented India several times on the global stage. Moreover, they are considered one of the most consistent teams in the PUBG Mobile esports scenario. And, now the alternative of PUBG Mobile is launched named Battlegrounds Mobile India. And the team is all set to step up in the BGMI esports and most probably with their old lineup.

IND Krantiveer dropped a story on his Instagram handle and shared his concern regarding the politics involved around the game. Additionally, he thinks that there is a lot of favoritism and politics involved with the game which makes the esports scene tough in India. This was because Team IND was not invited for the streamers battle showdown.

Team IND Streamers Battle Showdown
Krantiveer Story

After the announcement of the release of Battlegrounds Mobile India, many content creators said that the esports scenario is going to be massive after the launch of this game and all the teams will get a chance to grow. But, Krantiveer’s statement is clearly not a good sign for esports fans. Also, the absence of Team IND is a huge disappointment for their fans.

As we all know that many of the strong teams who have proved themselves on various stages in past get an invitation to some of the tournaments. Furthermore, there are also some teams who don’t perform well but still get slots because of a strong name.

Streamers Battle Showdown
Snax’s Story

Team IND player Snax also dropped a story quoting that the game has not arrived yet and already there are politics involved in the game.

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