Is Valorant Available for PS4 and Other Console Platforms?

VAlorant has gained a lot of popularity since its launch. So, can we expect the game to launch on PS4 and Xbox platforms?

Valorant PS4
Valorant coming on PS4?

Is Valorant on PS4: Valorant is one of the most popular fps games created by Riot. Earlier, the 5vs5 tactical game was released for Microsoft Windows and there are no rumors that the game will be available on PS4 or console platforms. Also, there is an announcement that a mobile version of the game will launch soon. So, can we expect Valorant on PS4, Xbox too?

Riot Going to Release Valorant For PS4?

Valorant ps4? Available on xbox?
Valorant completed one year of launch

Recently, Valorant completed their 1 year of launch and there are several announcements on this occasion. Furthermore, a new agent is launched in Valorant named Kayo and almost everything has got nerfed in the update.

Moreover, Valorant also announced that they are going to create this game for Mobile players. This means we can see Valorant soon on Mobile platforms too. Although, the is now available for Windows players and it is not available for PS4 or any other console platforms. So, can we expect Valorant to be released on PS4?

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Currently, Valorant is only available for the Windows platform and not for PS4. Also, there is no official announcement from Riot on the development of the game for the PS4 platform which means it will take some time to see the game on PS4. Moreover, Mobile will be the second platform to witness this fast-growing, one of the most popular games in the world.

Is Valorant Available for Xbox?

Players often had the question that is Valorant available on Xbox? As mentioned earlier, the game is currently available on the Microsoft Windows Platform and there is no other platform to play this game. Also, it will take some time to frame Valorant for Xbox and PS4, and other consoles.

Recently, Valorant streamed on Twitch on the special occasion of YR1. Furthermore, many things were cleared like upcoming agents and skins. But, there were no talks of the game coming on PS4 or Xbox platform.

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