How to Get Pump Up The Jam Emote Fortnite For Free?

Pump Up the Jam Emote Fortnite is a brand new emote that was added today. Know more about the emote and how to get it for free in our guide here.

Pump Up The Jam emote dance Fortnite
Pump Up The Jam Fortnite

Pump Up the Jam is a recent emote added by Fortnite to its item shop. This emote comes due to the hype of the Pump Up the Jam song with insane dance steps and lyrics by Perri Kiely and Kamosi Manuela whose meaning is on the Tik Tok platform. Players can get this emote from the Fortnite item shop by spending some v-bucks.

The Pump Up the Jam song in the emote comes from Technotronic Album by Koan Sounds. The song was released in 1989 and later it won certified Triple Platinum. The major reason behind the song getting viral is that it is a fusion of deep house and hip hop.

What is the meaning of Pump Up The Jam Lyrics?

Pump Up the Jam seems to be quite cool and funky when you hear it. But in actual it carries a deep meaning to savior the real meaning of life to the people. It means filling your life with enthusiasm and excitement.

Check out the tweet from Fortnite for the emote


In short, your life gets more satisfying if you look at it with excitement and lively behavior. Pump up the Jam also has some awesome dance moves by Perri Kiely that

you should check out.

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How to Get Pump Up The Jam Emote Fortnite For Free?


Players can directly jump into the item shop of Fortnite to get the emote. They have to spend 500 v-bucks to get the Pump Up The Jam emotes. Otherwise, there are some ways to get this emote for free. You can follow the below-given guide to obtain the emote for free.

Step-1: Go to the Battle Royale Lobby.

Step-2: Click on the Pause Menu and then Settings.

Step-3: Now, search for Account and Privacy.

Step-4: Turn on the settings with the name Player Surveys, Can receive Gifts, Allow Cross-Platform Play. You also have to set Matchmaking Delays to zero seconds.

Step5: Again go back to the Pause Menu. Select the game mode Battle Royale.

Step -6: Further click on the Reporting/ Feedback and scroll down to click on the Accept option.

You can also watch this short guide to help you out:

By following these steps you can easily get the Pump Up The Jam Emote Fortnite for free. So, go try out the emote with amazing lyrics and crazy dance moves.

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