Pro 100 Code Fortnite Creative: Full Info & Map Codes

After the final touch of Fortnite Bios Zone War LTM, Pro 100 Map Code Fortnite will begin immediately. We have additionally cited the map code in our article to finish this challenge. Know all about it here.

Pro 100 Map Code Fortnite Creative
Pro 100 Map Fortnite Creative

Pro 100 Code Fortnite Creative is one of the four LTMs of Fortnite Cosmic Summer Challenges. After the completion of Fortnite Bios Zone War LTM, Pro 100 Map Code Fortnite will start immediately. We have also mentioned the map code in our article to complete this challenge.

This LTM perfectly suits mid-range bouts. Pro 100 Code Fortnite is very simple and easy to complete. But only the players with good accuracy can easily master the challenge. In addition to this, maximum of 16 players can use it at once.

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How to Complete Pro 100 Code Fortnite Creative: Map Code Detail

Fortnite Creative Map
Fortnite Creative Maps

Fortnite Pro 100 LTM is active right now. Players can easily participate and complete the challenge to win amazing rewards. Follow to below-given guide to complete Pro 100 LTM:

Step-1: First, start Fortnite and then choose ‘Creative Option‘.

Step-2: To permit ‘Creative’ you have to press on ‘Change’ button.

Step-3: Now click on ‘Play’.

Step-4: After that, you have to choose the ‘Island Code’ option. Further, click on Enter.

Step-5: Now enter the map code which we have mentioned below.

Step-6: At last press on the ‘Launch’ button and you can start with the game.

  • Map Code: 3424-1388-0947

Here is the live gameplay of the map:

Complete List of Challenges and Rewards

The challenges are pretty easy. Players can easily finish them with proper strategy. Moreover, participants can win a lot XPs through these tasks. Apart from XPs players can also win cosmetics like Cloud Llama Board, Brain Freeze, and Beach Blast. All the challenges in Pro 100 Code Fortnite Creative along with the rewards are:

  • Use coins to purchase items at the vending machine in Pro 100 – 0/10

Reward: 20,000 XP

  • Revive teammates in Pro 100 – 0/20

Reward: 30,000 XP

  • Deal damage to players with a rocket launcher in Pro 100 – 0/1000

Reward: 20,000 XP

How to Win Pro 100 Code Fortnite Creative: Easy Guide

Pro 100 Map
Pro 100 Map
  • In the first task, players can earn 50 coins on each elimination. Further, they can use these coins to purchase items from the vending machine.
  • The second task is a little hard. But players can easily revive their teammates in the spawning zones.
  • To fulfill the third task first buy a rocket launcher by trading gold coins. Then try to fire in the densest areas of the map to deal maximum damage.

With this, we hope you can complete the Pro 100 Code Fortnite Creative Map Challenges. All

To know more about the Fortnite Creative featured islands by Epic you can visit the link given.

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