Fans, Rejoice: ‘Enjoy Driving Challenge,’ a new addictive e-game, is now available!

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For all mobile gaming fans, Giti has developed a fresh new e-game. The “Enjoy Driving Challenge” e-game was launched on a very memorable day. On the weekend of June 5-6, four Giti Tire race vehicles raced in the prestigious 24 Hours Nürburgring Race. The Audi R8 piloted by the ‘Girls Only’ squad, which was a major draw, was a highlight. A new e-game was developed during this period to honor the team’s accomplishments.

Enjoy Driving Challenge: The Goal of the Game

Players must manage a Giti Truck, an ATV, and a Nürburgring vehicle in Enjoy Driving Challenge, a fun and fascinating game. This navigation course delivers thrills and excitement by assisting in directing the car through several stages. Coins are placed around the route to help you avoid obstacles. Players have the opportunity to earn an additional life. To do so, players must properly answer one question regarding the tire, after which they will be awarded one additional life.

Whether it’s to promote awareness, entertain people, or enhance talents, every game has a goal in mind. The “Enjoy Driving Challenge“, game’s objective is to promote awareness. It also aims to boost Giti’s participation. The objective is to build brand recognition and promote Giti so that people are familiar with and identify it.

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Benefits of Participation

The game fosters learning and involvement with its numerous tire questions. The best part about this game is that it requires no special skills, abilities, or expertise on the part of the players. This is a simple and enjoyable game that may be played by both experienced and novice players. As a result, you may join and play regardless of your skill level or your background. You may also win a range of fun prizes.

What is your strategy for playing the e-game ‘Enjoy Driving Challenge’?

Go to www.giti.com/Giti-game to play this easy yet addictive game created by Giti this summer and feel the thrill of driving an ATV or a Nürburgring vehicle. In celebration of the Nürburgring race, which took place in the first week of June this year, individuals may continue to play the exhilarating Giti e-game throughout the season. You may also follow Giti on social media to learn more about the Nürburgring race and the game. With its amazing supercars, Giti will compete in the renowned Nürburgring 24-hours as well as other challenging events like Formula DRIFT USA, UK Fun Cup driving, and more throughout the year.

The Top Three Reasons to Play Racing Games

  • Improves mental ability.

Playing video games, particularly intensive racing games, might improve your visual attention and speed up your ability to make quick decisions in a hurry. Not only that but playing such games helps you to track several types of data with more precision than if you were not a player.

  • Build social communities

Playing a multiplayer game or simply sharing your achievements with your friends and fellow gamers may help you build a strong community of people who share your passions.

  • Stress and anxiety are lessened.

Simple and fun tasks, such as the “Enjoy Driving Challenge,” allow you to relax and enjoy the game no matter where you are after a long and stressful day. Because the Giti game will be accessible to everyone this summer and beyond, you may now make use of many of the game’s features as well as keep up with racing events.

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