All You Need To Know About Payal Gaming

Payal Gaming is a Youtuber channel owned by Payal Dhare. So, here is brief information about one of the finest streamers in India Payal Gaming.

Payal Gaming
Payal Live Stream

Payal Dhare who is also known as Payal Gaming is one of the finest streamers in the Indian gaming community currently. Moreover, Payal started her YouTube journey in March 2019 and started uploading videos of PUBG. Later on, the gaming community saw Payal emerge as one of the finest streamers in the community.

Everything You Need To Know About Payal Gaming

Payal Gaming
Payal during her live stream

In the starting days, Payal started uploading PUBG videos on her Payal Gaming YouTube Channel. Abhijeet Andhare who is known as Ghatak recommended her to start streaming as he used to play with her in the initial days. 

Later on, Payal joined the Entity team as a content creator and started streaming. Payal used to entertain her audience by performing several tasks on her stream and one of the famous things about her was her mimicry. Furthermore, the audience loved the mimicry of Payal when she completed a task playing along with Jonathan and Aman.

Payal Gaming used to displayed classy gameplay of PUBG on her stream. As a result, she reached the highest tier Conqueror in FPP almost every season. The in-game name of Payal in PUBG and Battlegrounds Mobile India is Entity Payal.

Earlier, Payal also featured in some competitive matches but later on, she focused on her Youtube channel. She used to represent the girl squad of Entity gaming in professional tournaments.

Payal Dhare PUBG
Payal streams GTA V along with BGMI

Currently, Payal Gaming has more than 950k subscribers on her Youtube channel and is very close to the 1 million milestone. Also, she is followed by more than 440k people on Instagram. Her channel is also going to cross 50 million views in the upcoming few days. She mostly streams games like BGMI and GTA V on her channel.

Payal Dhare is currently a part of 8bit creatives which is one of the finest talent agencies in India.

Here are PC Specs of Payal Gaming

  • Processor: ¬†AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
  • RAM: RGB 16GB (8GBx2) DDR 4 3200MHz
  • ¬†Graphics Card:¬†MSI GEFORCE RTX 2070 x Trio 8 GB OC GDDR6
  • ¬†Hard Drive: 1TB
  • ¬†Headset:¬†Logitech g pro
  • ¬†Camera:¬†Logitech C922
  • ¬†Mouse:¬†Logitech G402 Wired Gaming Mouse
  • ¬†Keyboard:¬†Ant Esports MK 1000 Blue Switches
  • Monitor:¬†Samsung L524F350FHWXXL 24inch Gaming Monitor
  • Mic:¬†Blue Yeti

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