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Redeem.Valorant Com: How to Redeem Pride Player Card in Valorant?

Riot games is offering seven different cards to celebrate the pride month. Here are those seven codes which will help you to get free player cards.

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Redeem.Valorant com
Pride Player Card

Redeem Pride Player Card in Valorant via Redeem.Valorant Com: Valorant has now offered the players free cards to celebrate the pride month of May. Furthermore, Valorant is giving seven different cards to celebrate it with the special LGBTQI+ community’s rainbow-themed player cards. This is the second time that Valorant is providing free cards for players.

Earlier, Riot offered a card for their gamers named origin. Just like the origin card these cards also be redeemed via redeem.valorant com. Last time the websitewent down due to heavy traffic but is fixed now and can be redeemed.

What is Redeem.Valorant Com and How to Use the Codes?

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Redeem.Valorant com
Redemption Website

Riot has offered seven different cards to celebrate the pride month. Furthermore, these cards are permanent and can easily be claim at Redeem.Valorant Com. Additionally, these cards cover a wide range of individuals with different sexual identities. Moreover, Cards for transgender, pansexual, non-binary, bisexual, asexual, and gay people are available.

Players can claim cards via redeem.Valorant.com by following easy steps:

1st Step: Open the official redemption site of Valorant.

2nd Step: Login with your Valorant ID using the Username and password.

3rd Step: Use the seven different codes to claim the player cards available.

After puting the right codes in redeem.valorant.com, you can find the cards in your game in the collection section of game.

Furthermore, there are seven different codes available for these seven different cards.

COTTONCANDY: Transgender people

PRIMARY: Pansexual people

GALACTIC: Non-Binary people

SUNSET: Bisexual people

TWILIGHT: Asexual people

SHERBET: Gay women


Earlier, players were facing issues to claim the cards via redeem.valorant com as the traffic was very much high. Moreover, this time Valorant has made sure that players should not face any issues to claim these free rewards.

Riot games said about the pride month that there’s a lot more we want to do to create meaningful representation of LGBTQIA+ folks in our games, and we’re just getting started.

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