What is a Body Scanner in Fortnite? | With All Locations

The Season 7 Week 2 challenges bring yet another challenge of body scanner in Fortnite. There are several Body Scanner Locations placed throughout the map of Fortnite and you can find about all of them here.

Fortnite Season 7
Fortnite Season 7

With the start of Season 7 week 2 challenges there is another set of challenges on our way. The experience that you get from completing these challenges can help you get more battle stars. With these battle stars, you can get yourself a ton of new Outfits, accessories, and rare items in Fortnite. Another tricky challenge for the week is scanning yourself in the Body Scanner in Fortnite.

Season 7 Week 2 Legendary Challenge

These Body Scanners are tricky because players have reported them missing several times on their spawn locations. Don’t worry if you’ve been facing the same issue. We have a solution and all locations of the body scanners throughout Fortnite.

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What is a Body Scanner in Fortnite?

Body Scanner in Fortnite
Body Scanner in Fortnite

Basically, after the Season 7 update, several Body Scanners have been placed throughout the map of Fortnite.  A Body Scanner simply scans your body to prove that you’re not an alien. All you have to do is just stand on a body scanner to scan yourself. It hardly takes a few seconds before it’s done. All the Body Scanner locations within the map of Fortnite will be mentioned here.

A Body Scanner can be found in Research Labs placed right below the newly added red glowing satellites. Wherever you see this glowing red satellite a Body Scanner is going to spawn there most certainly. Next, we will discuss their locations and where you can find them. You can also know more about the Fishin’ emote in Fortnite here.

You can also watch this video to see all the locations of these Body Scanners in Fortnite:

Where do you find a Body Scanner in Fortnite?

All Body Scanner locations in Fortnite
All Body Scanner locations in Fortnite

As mentioned earlier, keep a lookout for the Red-glowing satellites and land as near to them as possible. After landing search for a laboratory near this satellite. There you will be able to find these Body Scanner locations in Fortnite. The locations are as mentioned below:

  • On the South-West end of Slurry Swamps
  • East end of Weeping Woods
  • Grey-region below Misty Meadows
  • To the South-East of Corny Complex
  • South-East of Craggy Cliffs
  • Above Pleasant Park

These are the 7 locations where you can find a Body Scanner spawn. Remember that it isn’t necessary that they will spawn there. There is a high chance that Body Scanners are there.

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