How to Download BGMI Early Access on Play Store?

How to Download BGMI on Playstore?
How to Download BGMI Early Access on Playstore?

How to Download BGMI Early Access on PlayStore: On the early morning of 17th June, many well known players got early access of BGMI. Read the full article to know more about ‘How to Download BGMI on PlayStore’.

The alternative game of PUBG Mobile named Battlegrounds Mobile India( BGMI ) is all setup to launch in India in upcoming few hours. The preregistration of the game started on 18th May,2021. Also it is expected that iOS users will likely to able to download game at 18th June, 2021.

BGMI Early Access Download: How To Download BGMI from PlayStore?

To get early access BattleGrounds Mobile India follow below steps carefully:

Step-1: Click on the link given here.


Step-2: Click on become the tester.

Step-3: Click on Install.

Note – It would be written like this ‘The early access program is currently full. Space may open up later’. Do not worry your game will still run.

Step-4: Open the game.

Step-5: Link your BGMI early access game with your account and enjoy your game.


While today early in the morning, One of most famous YouTuber Dynamo streamed live gameplay of BGMI Early Access on his YouTube channel. Also many other famous YouTubers got early access too.

Also many players like Scout, Mortal, Viper and many more are going to do live gameplay of BGMI on their respective YouTube channel.

What About the iOS Users?

There are not a single clue for iOS. As we know that how big brand is BGMI, also they will definitely launch their Battle Ground Mobile India on App Store too. Also it is very difficult to play Professional competitive on Android device, So officials would launch the game as soon as possible.

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Gunj Malvaniya
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