The Most Memorable Casino Levels in Video Games

Casino Levels in Video Games
Casino Levels in Video Games

Casino Levels in Video Games are becoming frequent nowadays as more and more games are including them. Although they arrive as optional in some games, some others may require completing the levels to accomplish game missions.

So, what are some of the most memorable casino levels in video games? We prepared this article in cooperation with Exicasinos experts who know about gambling everything. Keep going through for further details about the casino levels.

GTA Online: The Diamond Casino and Resorts

Recently, GTA Online released a new casino experience for the player named GTA Online: The Diamond Casino and Resorts. It consists of four statuses which are silver, gold, platinum, and diamond. You will get the silver status as soon as you purchase the Master Penthouse in the game. After that, you will need to shoot for the gold level which requires unlocking the “House Keeping” mission.

The next level is Platinum which will be awarded to you as soon as you will be able to complete the five missions for Agatha Baker. Once you accomplish the mission, you can shoot for the highest level, Diamond. It is pretty tricky to accomplish where you will require all the co-op missions.

Hitman Blood Money: House of Cards

Hitman: Blood Money is a favorite game for many of us. This game also includes a casino level which comes as the 10th mission in the game. Titled as “A House of Cards”, the mission doesn’t require playing and win the gambling. Instead, you will require knocking down targets inside the casino. You will require to strangle the first target with a wire as soon as you enter the house.

Later, you will require knocking down the two next targets and secure a DNA briefcase from there. The second target will need to be the same way as the first one. For the third and most tricky target, you will require using a sniper rifle. Note that the mission is pretty tricky as you will require knocking the highly secured target.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas also includes a casino mission in its second level. While playing the mission, you will find a setting titled “Calypso Casino” owned by some terrorists. Your role is to infiltrate the casino by playing the role of Logan Keller. However, you will not require much of the casino things as you will get two of the teammates to help you in this.

Later in the level, you will require eliminating the terrorist to rescue the hostages in the casino. This part is a bit tricky you will need to eliminate them without causing any harm to the hostages. You will also require close cooperation with the teammate to accomplish the mission.

Wrap Up

These are some of the popular casino levels in video games. Obviously, there are more of them in other video games. Which of the casino levels is your favorite? Let us know through comment.

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