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Free Valorant Site: Claim Free Valorant Points, Working?

Have you ever heard of any method claiming free Valorant Points? Here are all the details to inform you that why you should\should not use them.

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free valorant site
Website of Free Valorant Site

Valorant Points are a little expensive and not everyone is interested in spending bucks on them. Furthermore, some try to claim it for free and try different sites like the free valorant site. So, are these methods legit to claim free Valorant points, and how they do it?

How Free Valorant Site Works?

Free Valorant Points
Valorant Points

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It is a website that gives players free Valorant Points just by asking how much they need. Moreover, it works as a generator of the points and provides you with asking details of your Valorant ID.

Furthermore, the Free valorant site asks you for your Valorant Id and few more details to reward you with the free points. Let’s see how it works in steps.

1st Step- Go to the Free valorant. site

2nd Step- You’ll be asked for your account details of Valorant like Agent name and hashtag.

3rd Step- Furthermore, you’ll be asked how many radiant points do you need and how many Valorant points you need. The minimum amount is 2250 points.

4th Step- It will confirm and say it has failed, you need to confirm manually.

5th Step- Moreover, to confirm it will ask you to download apps and run them for 30 seconds.

Claim Free Points, Real or Fake?

So, these are the methods the Free valorant site will ask you to give Free Valorant Points in return. Although, it is a long process we don’t recommend anyone to use it.

Furthermore, these are not Riot’s licensed websites to give you points, and using them might ban your account. As we all know the Valorant anti-cheat is one of the best among all the games, Valorant has an eye on every activity we perform.

Moreover, these methods are not legit and avoid using them to buy free points. Instead, you can use some legit websites like Buff. However, it will take a long time to gain Valorant Points on Buff but it is legit and easy.

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