Alien Artifacts Week 2 Locations in Fortnite

For week 2 of Fortnite, all the new locations of the alien artifacts have been revealed. We'll cover all the details of where they are located in the Fortnite map for week 2.

Alien Artifacts Week 2 Locations
Alien Artifact

Alien Artifacts in Season 7 Week 2 are currency reserves whose locations are useful to customize Kymera skin in Fortnite. Moreover, alien artifacts either spawn in random locations or inside cosmic chests. Different customizable options of Kymera require a different number of alien artifacts.

In each week there are different locations to find these artifacts. Last week, the locations were Catty Corner, Weeping Woods, and Believer Beach. For this week, Epics Games has added new locations to this list.

How and Where to Find Alien Artifacts Week 2 Locations in Fortnite?

Kymera Skin Fortnite
Kymera Skin Fortnite

You can know all about the alien artifacts and the Kymera Skin here. Players can get alien artifacts either from cosmic chests or from random locations. The cosmic chests are rhombus in shape. Players have to use a pickaxe to open the chests and get the alien artifacts.

If you want to know the locations of the Week-1 of the alien artifacts head over here.

The list locations to get alien artifacts in Season Week 2 are:

Misty Meadows

In Misty Meadows, there are two islands near the center of a lake. Only one of the islands has a bridge. The alien artifact here is present on the island with a bridge. Now you have to find a building here. The artifact is present in this building.

Retail Row

In Retail Row, a square-shaped building contains an alien artifact. The building is present near a power line. You can easily get one artifact from the outside of this building.

Corny Complex

Players need to travel to the south region of the Corny Complex. Go to the bridge that joins the road to Dirty Docks. Furthermore, the alien artifact is present on the north side of the river.

Pleasant Park

In Pleasant Park, travel to the northeast region. Here players can find a building near the spire. However, the building resides on the left of the spire.

Believer Beach

Move to a building containing a satellite on the ceiling in Believer Beach. Further, to reach this building go to the left part of the ocean to find an alien artifact in Week 2 of Season 7 Fortnite.

How to use Alien Artifacts in Week 2 Locations to Get Kymera Skin in Fortnite?

Players can use the Battle Pass menu to spend these alien artifacts in week 2. Moreover, players can change head looks, eye color, skin pattern of the Kymera Skin by exchanging these artifacts. Also, to get different changes to the skin you require different numbers of alien artifacts in Week 2.

Now, you can send your own images to Fortnite itself which will be highlighted in a blog post on 25th June by Epic Games.

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