Rampage 3.0 Event Calendar in Free Fire Revealed

This article gives you the Garena Free Fire Rampage 3.0 New Dawn Event Calendar through which you can earn expensive in-game items without spending any money.

Free Fire Rampage 3.0 Event Calendar
Free Fire Rampage 3.0 Event Calendar

Garena Free Fire often wins the hearts of users by launching new events. Free Fire tries to enhance the gameplay every day. Today we will talk about one of the events i.e Rampage 3.0. The new event Rampage 3.0 Event Calendar Revealed. So, there are lots to discuss like all about the Rampage 3.0 event & its full calendar. We will also focus on Rampage 3.0 Free Rewards.

What is Rampage 3.0?

Free Fire has announced the comeback of Rampage 3.0 for the third successive year. After the success of the first two, it was inhabitable that the event ould come back. However, this year something more and interesting things are waiting for the users. The event’s name for this season is Rampage: New Dawn.

Rampage 3.0 New Dawn Event Calendar Details :

The New Dawn event will kick on from 18th Jun. 2021. There are many rewards up for grabs in this season. The users can experience the first mini-event named Battle of New Dawn. Many mini-events will be contested during this main event. They are Daily Summon, Aftermatch Drop, Road To New Dawn, Friends Call back, Commit To Battle, Check-in Reward, Play To Get Rewards.

Free Fire Rampage 3.0 New Dawn
Free Fire Rampage 3.0 New Dawn

Rampage 3.0 Battle New Event :

The users can get the yellow bundle, monster truck skins, Loot box, Pins, Backpacks, and many more from this event. The mini-event will start on 8th June.

Daily Summon & Aftermatch Drop :

The players can avail themselves of special skins in the Daily Summon mini-event from 18th June to 30th June.

In the case of Aftermatch Drop, the users have to collect tokens from 18th June to 30th June. You can exchange in-game items by using these tokens. Rampage 3.0 has many more to offer.

Road To New Dawn : 

The players can have excitement on Road To New Dawn mini-event. From 21st June to 26th June the gamers can contest this mini-event. They will get jeep skins Free during this period.

Friends Call back, Commit To Battle, Check-in Reward :

The users can compete in these mini-events from 26th June. They will get prizes like para shoot skins Pan skins and many other rewards for Free.

Play To Get Rewards :

The users can win attractive rewards like weapon vouchers during this mini-event.

Therefore, The users can enjoy Rampage: New Dawn for almost two weeks. There are multiple Rampage 3.0 Free Rewards to win. From skins to vouchers the event has high expectations. However, we have to wait and see what happens.

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