Redeem Playvalorant .com: How to Redeem Free Cards in Valorant?

Valorant gave away more than 8 player cards for free. Haven't got any of them? Read this full article to claim all of them.

Redeem PlayValorant .Com
Valorant completed one year of launch

Redeem playvalorant .com: The 5v5 first-person shooting game is now one of the most popular games across every region. Recently, it completed one year of launch and they have come a long way in just one year. To celebrate the occasion valorant is showering free gifts for its players. So, how to redeem them?

Redeem Playvalorant .com: Claim Free Valorant Cards

Redeem PlayValorant.Com
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Valorant is an agent-based game where a team of five competes to defend or attack sites to win 13 rounds out of 25. Furthermore, the game is a little similar to CS GO but has a lot of differences.

Recently, Valorant has announced several free gifts for its players. First, they announced a free card based on the origin theme. Second, to celebrate pride month they released codes for seven different cards. And now, to mark the anniversary they are going to give three free cards.

Moreover, the first two cards asked the player to visit playvalorant.com to redeem. Although, due to heavy traffic, the website crashed and it was a tough task to redeem the card. Moreover, Riot fixed the issue for the second one and it was not a tough task to redeem those seven cards.

The third card is directly sent to the player’s account and there is no need to visit the website to claim it. Although, there are two more cards coming which might ask the players to have a code.

How to Use the Redeem Website in Valorant?

For redemption, the website is easy to access and follow these simple steps to claim your upcoming rewards for free.

Step-1: Visit the Website of Redeem playvalorant.com(Redeem playvalorant .com)

Step-2: Login with the credentials of your Riot Id.

Step-3: Put the codes you have to redeem the cards.

Although the origin cards are now available for everyone due to technical issue. The players can still try for the six pride cards to claim it from redeeming playvalorant.com(aka. Redeem playvalorant .com).








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