Rail Gun Fortnite: Where to Find them to Complete the Challenge?

Trouble finding the rail gun to complete the challenge in Fortnite? Read the full article to know how to get them.

Rail Gun Fortnite
The New Gun in Fortnite

In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7, one of the challenges needs you to eliminate with a rail gun. Players can earn a lot of XPs by fulfilling this challenge. Moreover, Rail Gun is a shotgun. It comes as a long-range weapon. It is a chargeable weapon sufficient enough to kill enemies with a single shot only.

Players have to undertake only a single elimination with a rail gun to complete the quest. Also, players will receive 30,000 XP as soon as they do so. There are many other challenges in Season 7 Week 1 that players can complete to earn more XP.

Rail gun comes as a new weapon in the category of long-range weapons. In addition to this, it also charges. It is capable to annihilate the enemies with a single shot only. But to deal damage in just one shot you have to master the capabilities of a rail gun.

If you use this rifle when it is fully charged. Then the chances to kill an enemy with one shot increase a lot. When the rail shotgun is fully charged its strength and power to hit the aim are very precise and powerful too.

How to Get a Rail Gun in Fortnite For Long-Range Shots

Rail Gun Fortnite
Where to find it?

Rail Gun in Fortnite is available in three different categories: rare, epic, and legendary. Players can get this long-range rifle in two different ways. You can get it by a random drop from a chest. Also, you can steal it from a dead player.

Where to find a Rail Gun in Fortnite Season 7: Easy and Fast Way

Let us now learn where do these chests spawn in Fortnite to get an alien rail gun for the completion of the challenge.

Rail Gun in Cosmic Chests

Players can get an alien rail gun from cosmic chests in Season 7.

Rail Gun in Bunker Chests

Players can easily find bunker chests in Weeping Woods, Pleasant Park. They contain a lot of loots to serve the purpose.

Rail Gun in IO Henchman Chests

IO Henchmen Chests are mostly present inside the buildings.

So, reach these locations to get a rail gun to complete the challenge. Hope this guide has helped you to find a rail gun.

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