How To Make Iron Farm in Minecraft?

Want to know, how to do iron farming in Minecraft? Read this full article to get details.

 Iron Farm in Minecraft

 Iron Farm in Minecraft: Minecraft is a game that consists of too many in-game items. One of them is iron. Iron is a rare metal that can be found by mining. It takes a very long time to find it. Sk here’s an easy way to make Iron Farm.

Minecraft is a survival mode game. Additionally, players can build their own village, mansion, palace, etc. The game mainly consists of making your own territory. Moreover, just like an actual person, your player will need food to survive. Hence, you can kill the animals around you, make a food farm, etc.

The game can also be played in Adventure mode and Creative Mode. Furthermore, after having the perfect armor, swords, shields, you can fight with Ender Dragon to earn 59 Experience Points also known as XP. 

Material To Make Iron Farm in Minecraft

 Iron Farm in Minecraft
Farming in Minecraft

Building Blocks × 64

Glass × 32

Beds × 5

Hopper × 3

Chest × 1

Sign Boards × 4

Lava Bucket × 1

Water Bucket × 1

Villagers × 5

Minecart × 1


Powered Rails

Steps To Make Iron Farm

  • First, open your game and find a place to make Iron Farm in Minecraft.
  • Then, using the building blocks, go 10 blocks high.
  • After going 10 blocks high, make a 5×5 platform over there. 
  • Place all the blocks exactly in the same position shown below.
  • Now, fence the border using the building blocks.
  • Now, on building blocks which you used to fence the beds, go 2 blocks high using glass on all 4 sides.
  • Make sure not to make the roof of glass.
  • Now, make a rail from the ground that connects the empty roof of glass.
  • Moreover, using the minecart, send 2 villagers to bed. Use the rails to run the minecart.
  • Feed the villagers and make them 5.
  • Additionally, place a chest on 1 corner and place 3 hoppers one on the left of the chest, one behind the chest, and one and last on the left of the hopper that was placed behind the chest. Make sure that the hopper is facing the chest.
  • Cover the remaining area with the help of building blocks. The structure should look somewhat like the image given below.
 Iron Farm
Follow these steps
  • Now, place walls surrounding the chest, hopper, and all the blocks. The walls should be 3 blocks high.
  • Further, place 4 signboards as shown in the picture given below.

Farming in Minecraft

  • Between the top signboard on the left and right walls, place lava. The lava will be floating in the air only.

 Iron Farm

  • Again, place a water bucket on the opposite side of the lava. The water bucket should be used facing the ground.

Farming in Minecraft

  • Lastly, the villagers will spawn golems on the roof, and with the flow of water, it will be taken to lava and it will burn there. The iron ingots will start coming into the chest.

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