Battle Stars in Fortnite: How to Get it?

Confused about the term battle stars in Fortnite or it seems like you have heard the word somewhere? Read this full article to know about battle stars in Fortnite.

Battle Stars in Fortnite
Season 7 of Fortnite

Battle Stars in Fortnite: Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 has launched with a unique Battle Pass System in which the latest phase in the battle has an alien theme. Moreover, it also introduces many varieties of weapons, spaceship UFO’s and a fresh battle pass to dive into it. This update totally changes the way of unlocking rewards.

Battle star is a tier-up in the Fortnite game. Battle stars in Fortnite are not new to the game but they are upgraded in Season 7. Additionally, In Fortnite Season 7 Battle Stars are the new currency. As you earn Battle Stars more you can also purchase items from the pass in any order.

 What are the Battle Stars in Fortnite?

Want to get some of those?

Further, in Season 7 Chapter 2 there are a massive variety of skins and tools available in the Fortnite game. After completing every challenge you will get a battle star to level up in the game and the option to unlock a higher-tier tool.

Earlier, in the last season of Fortnite players had the option to purchase a battle pass from the store. This would be given the opportunity to earn limited-time cosmetics like skins. Although, in this chapter 2 battle pass is no longer offer these kinds of things. They introduce special currency battle stars. And, players can spend their battle stars to earn the specific items.

When players level up the game or purchase the next battle pass level then you will get more battle stars in Fortnite. Players can also purchase different skins from the Battle Stars.

Moreover, each Page of the battle pass contains exciting rewards that will remain locked until all the other rewards have been purchased. Additionally, these change is more superior than the other gear and also make them different from other and also you will get unique skins and other items. After reaching the 100th level of battle pass, players change their battle stars into additional others cosmetic options like Doctor Slone.

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