Alien Artifacts to Get Kymera Skin Fortnite: All to know

The new Kymera Skin is customizable and you can do it with Alien Artifacts placed at various locations in Fortnite. Find out more about these alien artifacts here.

Kymera Skin Fortnite
Kymera Skin Fortnite

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 has arrived with an alien theme along with many intriguing skins, cosmetics, and challenges. Players can unlock the Kymera Skin with the help of alien artifacts. Also, the alien artifacts are present at different locations in Fortnite. Moreover, Kymera is an alien skin in Season 7 of Fortnite.

There are many alien skins in this season like Rick, Morty’s Rick¬†Sanchez. Players also have the option to customize some of the skins. Further,¬†Kymera¬†skin is one of the customizable skin.

What is an Alien Artifact in Fortnite Season 7?

The alien artifacts are purple canisters in this Season. They come with glowing stones inside them. Their size is not big. They spawn in random locations in Fortnite. So, you must stay careful throughout your game to get some alien artifacts for yourself.

Why do you need Alien Artifact for Kymera Skin?

Kymera Skin in Fortnite is customizable skin. New Fortnite Skins were released in Season 7, you can know more about them here. Moreover, players can customize it in 2,000 different ways. Other alien skins are none customizable. To get the Kymera skin customized players require alien artifacts.

Kymera is an alien invader in purple skin. He is one of the earliest alien skin in Fortnite. He comes as a guinea pig with various customizable facial features, skin colors, and shield tones.

Use this video for a basic idea of the working of Kymera Skin:

How to use Alien Artifacts to Customize Kymera Skin?: All you need to know

Customizable Kymera Skin

First, you have to collect sufficient alien artifacts. Then carry them to the Kymera customization menu. After that spend the alien artifacts to customize Kymera Skin. Also, you can save them to further unlock new and different options.

A higher level of customization requires more alien artifacts. You can collect them over the weeks. But we suggest you do not spend all of them at once. This is because further in the game you may require more alien artifacts to customize other skins.

Where to find Alien Artifacts Location in Season 7?

Alien Artifacts Locations Fortnite
Alien Artifacts Locations Fortnite

There are many locations in Fortnite to get alien artifacts. For a detailed guide of the locations, you can also read this Alien Artifacts location. But only a few of them are known for now. So, players can reach these locations, collect alien artifacts to customize the Kymera Skin. The list of alien artifacts locations in Fortnite is given below:

  • Weeping Woods
  • Catty Corner
  • North of Corny Complex
  • Believer’s Beach Northeast part
  • Dead¬†Center-Aftermath Location

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