Alien Artifacts Fortnite Locations: Where to find?

Find out where you can find the Alien Artifacts in Fortnite in different locations. A list of all locations and where you can find the artifacts is given here.

Alien Artifact: Fortnite

With the release of the new Season 7 in Fortnite, there have been a lot of changes, updates, new skins, new locations, etc added to the map. With this comes the brand-new Kymera skin that requires alien artifacts to collect. These alien artifacts are spread out in Fortnite at different locations.

In this guide, we’ll help you reach all the alien artifacts scattered throughout the map. These are not set locations but you can mostly find them in the locations. They’re not always bound to spawn in every match. So you’ll have to look harder if you want to find them.

What are the Alien Artifacts?

The release of the Kymera a customizable skin as mentioned earlier in our New Skin leaks of Fortnite for Season 7 brings the alien artifacts into the picture. Now, these alien artifacts are scattered through Fortnite at various locations.

Once you find these artifacts you can use them to unlock various head styles, eye colors, etc. The alien artifacts can spawn in the same location every match. But there is a chance that they might not spawn. So you’ll have to try multiple times before you can actually have your luck finding them. The alien artifacts float above the ground with a purple glowing rock fixated inside a metal holder.

Each alien artifact collected gives you X4 alien artifacts. With 5 different locations, you can get a total of 20 alien artifacts for this week.

Where are these Alien Artifacts in Fortnite at Separate Locations?

Alien Artifacts Fortnite
Alien Artifacts all Fortnite locations

This week, there are about 5 locations for the Alien Artifacts to spawn that we’re going to cover here. The locations are as given below:

  • The first and very obvious location is the dead center of the map, which is what they’re calling the Aftermath (instead of the Spire). If you swim to the lake’s exact center, you should find the Alien Artifact lying in the middle.
  • You can find another artifact just east of the new location called Believer’s Beach. On the edge of the cliff, there will be a weird tower with spiral stairs. Now, keep climbing the stairs and you’ll find the alien artifact midway.
  • Next up at the west of Catty Corner there should be a cliff. Further, you will find the alien artifact in the middle of a tower on that cliff in Fortnite.
  • For this location, you’ll need to land on either Holly Hedges or Weeping Woods. From Holly Hedges head directly to the south. Meanwhile, from Weeping Woods head outside the forest towards the southwest direction to find a barn. You should be able to find the alien artifact inside the barn.
  • After this, a tricky location is the one between Corny Complex and Craggy Cliffs. Between the forest and two houses, you’ll find the alien artifact floating right beside a fence.

Watch this video for a better understanding of all five locations:

Finally, after collecting all the alien artifacts you can customize your battle pass Kymera skin with different combinations. For Season 7 Week 1, these are the 5 locations and X20 alien artifacts. Stay tuned with us for further location updates. Also, if you want to know more about Rick Sanchez in Fortnite give this a read.

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