What Are Gravity Spikes In COD Mobile? Complete Details

Gravity Spikes perform vibrating shockwaves onto the ground surface while used by the players and players can unlock it by purchasing from the store.

Gravity Spikes in COD Mobile
Gravity Spikes

Gravity Spikes in COD Mobile is an operator skill that players can use to boost up their gameplay for a limited short period of time. Therefore, follow up on this article for the complete details regarding Gravity Spikes in CODM

Call of Duty Mobile features various weapons artilleries and types of equipment that players can use during the combats. Moreover, Call of Duty Mobile even offers a variety of operator skills as a beneficial weapon. As a result, Gravity spikes is one of the operator skills in Call of Duty Mobile.

Here are the details about Gravity Spikes: 

Gravity Spikes had earlier launched in Call of Duty Mobile: Black OPS 3 before releasing it to CODM. Further, Gravity Spikes had launched in CODM categorized as an operator skill.  Gravity Spikes perform vibrating shockwaves onto the ground surface while used by the players. The shockwaves released by them can damage and kill the nearby enemies positioning within a distance of 10.8 meters.

Meanwhile, the in-game description of Gravity spikes state “Jump and Slam down to create an energy wave that will deal fatal damage to nearby enemies. Moreover, players can unlock gravity spikes by purchasing it from the shop.

How to Unlock Gravity Spikes in COD Mobile?

Firstly, Players need to gather a number of Credits for soluting how to unlock Gravity Spikes in COD Mobile. Credits are the term known as the in-game currency of CODM. There are two types of in-game currency in COD mobile.

One naming Credits that players can earn easily by playing games or watching ad videos. And the other, naming COD Points shortly knows as CP. As a result, players can unlock Gravity Spikes by spending 2000 of credits.

Concluding it, visit the store option in CODM and look for gravity spikes among the list of various weapons. Thereby, purchase gravity spikes from the store and equip it in your preferred loadout.

Therefore, players can easily optimize gravity spikes during the combats resulting to high shockwaves into the dutch.

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