Rick and Morty in Fortnite?: Find out here

Rick and Morty are coming to Fortnite! It was teased in the latest teaser of Fortnite. The Butter robot could be seen in the teaser and turns out it would be seen in Fortnite as well.

Rick in Fortnite Gameplay
Rick in Fortnite Gameplay

With the release of the all-new season 7 very recently there have been leaks by Fortnite itself that Rick and Morty might be seen in it. We could see in the very last teaser upload by Fortnite on Facebook showing the butter robot used in Rick and Morty.

We can also see the introduction of Rick in the Battle Pass and the season 7 trailer itself by Fortnite. Let’s break it down in brief.

What were the Clues for Rick and Morty in Fortnite?

In this teaser from Fortnite, we can see the butter robot from Rick and Morty.

With the very last teaser by Fortnite, we could see the butter robot or butter bot. We can see the butter robot in Rick and Morty Season 1 in ‘Something Ricked This Way Comes’ in the Fortnite teaser. From this Fortnite officially confirmed the release of a character from the series.

In the very recent story trailer of Fortnite Season 7, we also saw Rick Sanchez at the HQ with other new characters surrounded as well. In the Battle Pass trailer, we can see Rick destroying Aliens and players with a new weapon that is to release with the new season 7.

What to expect from Rick and Morty in Fortnite?

Rick in Fortnite story trailer
Rick in Fortnite story trailer

If you’ve seen the new season 7 trailer you could have spotted Rick Sanchez in the Control Centre of sorts. During the trailer, we have spotted a lot of other New Skins, outfits characters, and weapons. In the trailer, we could see Rick commanding to do something from a character in Fortnite.

Besides this, we could also see Morty being the harvesting tool for Rick. The butter robot will probably be added as an accessory in-game or in an emote. You can also see a spaceship in one of the emotes released by leaks.

How will the new Skin of Rick Look like?

Rick and Morty in Fortnite Battle Pass
Rick in Battle Pass

According to both of the trailers from Fortnite the official and the Battle Pass trailers, we could spot Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty. However, it does seem like Fortnite didn’t change the 2-dimensional look of Rick (maybe due to copyright issues) very much.

The skin itself doesn’t look as if 3 dimensional but surely we could spot that later on in the trailer. Though the skin might look 2D at first glance there are ragdoll physics involved with it at the same time. The Rick Skin also comes with a lot of emotes introduced with it in Fortnite.

Overall, the Rick and Morty Skin released anew is going to be super cool. It is also out for all the Rick and Morty fans that love to play Fortnite. You’ll probably find the Rick and Morty Skin in the Battle Pass of Season 7 in Fortnite.

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