Where are All Spooky TV Sets Locations Fortnite: How to Destroy TV sets?

Find out where all the spooky TV sets are located in Fortnite and how you can destroy them to get 24000 exp for the quest. All locations of spooky TV sets given.


The new Foreshadowing quest in Fortnite demands you to find and destroy the spooky TV sets in Fortnite. There are seven locations to find spooky TV sets in Fortnite. But the players need to locate and demolish only five spooky TV sets. Furthermore, the task is a bit lengthy so a proper strategy can help you easily complete the task.

Moreover, players can earn 24,000 XP by fulfilling the task. It is quite hard to finish the quest within a single match. So, you may have to play multiple matches to complete the challenge of locating and destroying five spooky TV sets in Fortnite.

Spooky TV Set Locations Fortnite and How to Destroy TV sets?


There seven locations in all to complete this task. But you have to find and demolish only five of these. So, to destroy these spooky TV sets you have to carry one weapon that can help you to demolish them easily. All the suitable locations for this task are:

  •  Spooky TV Set-1: It is present on an island just north of Craggy Cliffs. You have to swim through the beach to reach the island. You will find the TV set near a chair.
  • Spooky TV Set-2: It is present on the cliffside west of Sweaty Sands. You will find the TV set near the west side of the beach.
  • Spooky TV Set-3: It is present somewhere near trees on a hill southwest of Dirty Docks. Here the TV is present in between the trees.
  • Spooky TV Set-4: It is present near hedges north of Holly Hedges. Travel northwest of this location and the TV set is present behind the rocks and trees.
  • Spooky TV Set-5: You can find a spooky TV set on a raised area of Lazy Lake in the west. You can easily see a spooky TV from here.
  • Spooky TV Set-6: You have to travel near some trees present in the southeast of Slurpy Swamp.
  • Spooky TV Set-7: This TV set is located near a campsite on a cliff north of Catty Corner.


Watch this short video to know how to do it:

Moreover, when you reach near a spooky TV set you have to interact with it. After that, you need to destroy it using any weapon like a harvesting tool or something like the same. Once you have destroyed any of the five TV spooky sets you will receive 24,000 XP.

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