*NEW* Bella Poarch Build Up Emote released in Item Shop: Fortnite

Today the release of the new emote choreographed by Bella Poarch herself named Build Up was seen in the item shop of Fortnite. This article covers all you need to know about the emote.

Bella Poarch Emote in Fortnite
Bella Poarch Emote in Fortnite

The Filipino-American social media personality, singer, and TikToker had recently made her debut in Build a B*tch with other famous TikTokers, YouTubers, and celebrities. The release of the song was on May 14 2021 and hit over 10 million views in just a day. On May 25, rumors spread that Fortnite was going to feature her. And finally today we saw the release of Bella Poarch Build Up emote in the Item Shop in Fortnite.

Rumors of Introduction of Bella

Build Up emote in Item Shop Fornite
Build Up emote in Item Shop Fornite

As mentioned earlier we saw possible occurrences of Bella Poarch in Fortnite. On May 25 there were rumors that Bella Poarch was also going to be featured in Epic Games Fortnite. No one knew what to expect from the development or how the usage of the song would be in-game.

Fans also suggested that it would have something to do with her debut in the song ‘Build A B*tch’. The predictions of these fans were spot on as the emote came out from the song itself.

Moreover, before the release of the update, she also tweeted out “Who wants to play Fortnite with me?” on June 4th at 9 am. This tweet also stirred commotion in the Fortnite community.

Here you can see the new ‘Build Up’ emote with all the variety of characters in Forntite:

The New Build Up Emote Release in Item Shop

You can see the release of the all-new Bella Poarch Build Up emote in the Item Shop of Fortnite. Further, we can also see the tweet of Bella Poarch that you can see below:

The emote is pretty cute and looks pretty good with female characters in the game. You can also use the emote to tease embarrassing gameplay from your opponents whether it be a male or a female character. But it generally suits better with female characters of the game.

This might be another promotion tactic for her new song ‘Build a B*tch’ but the emote in itself seems adorable so no one can really complain about it. Also for the fans that follow Bella Poarch on social media and play Fortnite simultaneously.

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