Valorant Chat Room Not Connected : Complete Guide on How to Fix It

As usual, another error in Valorant? Don't worry here is a complete guide on how to fix the chat room nor connecter error in Valotrant.

Valorant Chat Room Not Connected
How to Fix Valorant Error

Valorant Chat Room Not Connected is an error that occurs due to server overload. The new patches usually come with an error and this time it’s Chat Room Not Connected. Read this article till the end to get a complete guide on how to fix it.

Valorant is a five vs five multiplayer character-based games. Each team can select its agents before the match starts. Each agent has its own unique ability. The game consists of two teams fighting with each other to win more rounds. The team with 13 round victories wins the match.

Attackers have to plant the spike whereas defenders try to kill and stop them by entering the planting site. If the attackers plant the spike, defenders can kill all attackers and defuse the spike to win around.

What is Chat Room Not Connected in Valorant?

Valorant Chat Room Not Connected
Valorant Chat Room Error

Valorant Chat room not connected is a connectivity issue that players are facing right now. As soon as Riot releases a new patch, the new errors keep occurring. At initial, this error does not look so severe but it might not allow you to enter matchmaking too. Here are few steps to get rid of this error.

Steps to fix Chat Room Issue

The few steps that are to be followed are : 

  • Log Out and Log In again. Try this first. This is the trick that you should try first. This trick is common in all issues.
  • As it is a connectivity issue try changing the network or restart your wifi router. There might be some problem at your end too.
  • Furthermore, some players fixed this issue by running the Valorant as administrator. You can also try this way.
  • If the problem in Valorant ‘Chat room not connected’ still exists, then reinstall your Valorant. This might fix the problem.

  Download Valorant

  • There is also a chance that you might have got suspended. If this is the problem, you will need to contact Valorant Support.
  • Valorant server might also be down. There is nothing much you can do about it but you can check the official Valorant Service, Status Page. 
  • If the problem is still there, then you must contact Valorant Support for assistance. There’s nothing else you can do about this.

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