Mk2 Call Of Duty Mobile : Complete Details and How to Get It

The all-new Mk2 Call Of Duty Mobile, the details that you need and how you can get it. Click here to find out.


Call Of Duty Mobile Season 4
Call Of Duty Mobile Season 4

Call Of Duty Mobile is a Battle Royale and Multiplayer game. Certainly, players can compete with each other in various modes. Just like other battle royale games, players jump from their airplanes in order to loot and fight with each other. The game is more popular for its multiplayer modes. The new season brings new guns, gun skins, and a variety of things one of which is the Mk2 Call Of Duty Mobile.

Furthermore, there are 2 maps in Battle Royale. Moreover, there are many more maps in the Multiplayer mode of the game. There are various maps are made only for Team Deathmatch whereas many maps are made for many other modes. The game has got a fantastic boost in downloads after the ban of the famous game Pubg Mobile.

Read further to know about the new gun Mk2 Call Of Duty Mobile

Mk2 Specs: What is that?

The new marksman gun is a fantastic sniper. The gun is originally derived from Call Of Duty Modern Warfare. It is the latest addition to a marksman. The developers did not launch any Marksman Gun from Season 2. Back in Season 2, SP-R 208 was launched, this gun is equally powerful.

Mk2 confirms the kill in 2 bullets. Like other marksmen, Mk2 will also be able to have 5 attachments. It can have Muzzle, Barrel, Optic, Perk, Laser, Ammunition, Rear Grip, and Stock.

The gun’s basic specs are better than expected. The damage, range, etc are good without any attachments. Adding the attachments will make the gun very powerful. The basic Specs of the gun is :

  • Damage: 80
  • Accuracy: 54
  • Range: 74
  • Fire Rate: 28
  • Mobility: 43
  • Control: 36
Mk2 Carbine COD Mobile
Mk2 Call Of Duty Mobile

Undoubtedly the gun is surely going to dominate the field. As per some famous Youtubers, the gun is better in Battle Royale than Multiplayer. Moreover, they added that the top class players who can use any gun can easily use it in Multiplayer too.

For a more detailed look at the Mk2 Call Of Duty Mobile check out this video: 

How to Get Mk2 in Call Of Duty Mobile?

Mk2 Carbine in Battle Pass
Mk2 Carbine in Battle Pass

Recently, Call Of Duty Mobile has started launching new guns much regularly but they are not giving the guns for free. They keep the gun in Battle Pass or keep it in the last stage of the mission. Just like that, the brand new gun is coming in Battle Pass.

Mk2 is available in free Battle Pass hence the players who don’t have Battle Pass can also get Mk2. The gun is available on the 21st tier of Battle Pass.

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