Dual Pistols in Fortnite: A Detailed Guide

The Hop Rock Dualies or Dual Pistols in Fortnite are getting harder to find and with the legendary challenge to deal damage with them here is a brief guide how to do it exactly.

Dual Pistols in Fortnite
Dual Pistols or Hop Rock Dualies

In this brief guide, we’re going to discuss the Dual Pistols, their abilities, their stats, where they can be found, and how you can be able to finish their Legendary Challenge. The Dual Pistols were first introduced in Chapter 2 Season 4 of Fortnite.

The Dual pistols are actually named Hop Rock Dualies as they have the power of Hop Rock every time they are used. Their usage was pretty low but since the Legendary Challenge update of season 6, they’re being used more than before.

What is the Hop Rock Dualies?

The Dual Pistols or the Hop Rock Dualies are a pair of pistols that come in two rarities i.e. the blue and purple (namely rare and epic).

Hop Rock Dualies










Fire Rate



Mag Size



These are the stats for Hop Rock Dualies of each rarity. Moreover, the Dual Pistols work in a burst mode shooting both at the same time. Also, using medium ammo which is quite easy to horde.

Additionally, the specialty of these is that whenever you shoot them they provide you with 3 jumps negating all fall damage. With this ability, you can escape your enemies faster, even use them to cushion your falls and pursue enemies faster.

Where do You Find the Hop Rock Dualies?

Durr Burger: Location of Gutbomb
Durr Burger: Location of Gutbomb

Since the start of Season 6, it has become really hard to find these Dual Pistols anywhere. Consequently, they can be found with the NPC Gutbomb inside the Durr Burger. You can exchange 500 Gold bars for the Hop Rock Dualies or Dual Pistols to get them from Gutbomb.

Besides this, there are rumors that you can also find them at chests near Lazy Lake. Piñatas are always a good choice to look for. Apart from this, supply drops can also have a chance to spawn them.

The best video so far to guide you through all this is this one:

How to Finish The Legendary Challenge of Dealing Damage?

Chapter 2 Season 6 Challenges
Chapter 2 Season 6 Weekly Challenges

Moving ahead, once you have the Dual pistols with you follow the steps below:

First Step: Challenge Gutbomb(NPC) at the Durr Burger itself (Should give you about 800-900 damage)

Second Step: Challenge Ragnarok(NPC) near the beach of Holly Hedges

Third Step: Any players you can damage also count

Fourth Step: Damage to any Wolves or Raptors also counts

You can also use other NPCs to deal damage with the Hop Rock Dualies in the same game. This might result in finishing the Challenge in just One Game!

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The Hop Rock Dualies or Dual Pistols in Fortnite are an awesome addition especially, their abilities. If used correctly they can be used in multiple ways to outwit your opponents easier.

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