How to Cancel Fortnite Crew On PS4?

How To Cancel your Fortnite Crew Subscription on PS4, Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch. Finding it difficult to Cancel your Fortnite Crew Subscription? Read more to find out how to do it.


Fortnite Crew Subscription
Fortnite Crew Subscription

Here we are going to discuss How To Cancel your Fortnite Crew Subscription on PS4, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Before digging deeper let’s know a bit about Fortnite crew subscriptions.

What are Fortnite Crew Subscriptions?

A monthly subscription service provided by Epic Games in Fortnite itself. The service costs 12$ and you get 8$ worth of V-bucks and an exclusive skin which you may never be able to buy in the future.

These subscriptions have an option of auto-renew which makes it harder for players to cancel sometimes. This might be due to financial reasons or any other reason. Hence to solve the issue let’s see how you can cancel the Fortnite Crew Subscription on PS4, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

How To Cancel The Crew Subscription on PS4
How To Cancel The Crew Subscription on PS4

How to Cancel Fortnite Crew Subscription On PS4?

Know-How to Cancel Fortnite Crew On PS4. Follow the steps below for each of the devices to get your subscription canceled.


  • Sign in to your PlayStation ID (Linked to the crew subscription)
  • Head over to the Settings menu->Account Management->Account Information->Playstation Subscriptions
  • Select your Fortnite Subscription and turn auto-renew off
  • Log off from your account
  • Log in again and confirm the changes made

The subscription can also be canceled from store.playstation.com from another device.

Check out this video for a detailed explanation:Β 

How to Cancel Fortnite Crew Subscription on Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch?


  • Navigate to the Home menu->Settings menu
  • Head to the Account tab->Subscriptions
  • Find the Fortnite Crew Subscription and click Manage
  • Follow the further steps as shown by the system

You can also cancel your subscription from account.microsoft.com/account

After canceling the subscription it might also remove some of the items and V-bucks (negative V-bucks) from your account. This happens when you will have selected the option for a refund with the cancel. If you don’t want to lose the items already from your subscriptions make sure you don’t choose this option.


  • Open your Epic Games account
  • Navigate to the Subscriptions tab top right corner
  • Click on your Fortnite Crew Subscription and Cancel it
  • Follow steps given by the system further to continue for cancellation

Nintendo Switch

  • Navigate Switch Home menu->Eshop
  • In find Eshop->Account item->Subscriptions
  • Find Fortnite Crew Subscription ->Cancel

After the cancellation process, the Fortnite Crew monthly Subscription should get canceled. The items and V-bucks are not lost from the process that you have already earned after paying for the subscription.

However, if you choose to refund you might face issues like mentioned in Xbox. Putting your current account in negative V-bucks and removing items obtained from the subscription.

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